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Recent Blog Updates

Recent Blog Updates


Chess: Diversion

This picture I drew when I was younger from my favorite chess book at the time. A chess pawn looking at a sign post.


The next phase of the training is to start covering the middle game. There really is no point covering the end game tactics if your middle game is so bad you do not make it ten (10) moves without falling apart. ...

Aces and Eights + Four in the Hand

After the failure to find a chess player in the Hungarian pack (see last week’s blog)
I found myself at the Edinburgh Congress bookstall buying another pack of cards.
Playing Cards
This pack of 52 cards depicts the first few moves of 52 openings.

What I now need is a famous hand of cards to show you what some of the...
The final part of the series! C. H. O’D. Alexander played Alekhine four times. Alekhine was better, of world champion status, but Alexander managed to draw twice! In my opinion the more instructive of these draws is as follows:

Alexander Alekhine–Conel Hugh O'Donel Alexander Hastings 1933/34
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 {The somewhat drawish Petroff.} 3. d4 {An interesting and slightly livelier way to play this than 3. Nxe5} Nxe4 4. Bd3 d5 5. Nxe5 Bd6 {However, we return to the mirror.} 6. O-O O-O 7. c4 Nc6 {This make some sense. Black will comfortably regain the pawn after 8…Nxd4.} 8. cxd5 Nxd4 9. Bxe4 Bxe5 10. f4 Bf6 11. Nc3 Bf5 {More pieces come off. Black induces a slightly favorable trade of the bishops while developing.}
12. Qd3 Bxe4 13. Nxe4 Qxd5 14. Nxf6+ gxf6 {Alexander accepts the...
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The new RHP UI is about to arrive, and may well be in place by the time you read this. The purpose of this update has been discussed elsewhere (Far better mobile/tablet support - try it!). The aim of this post is to help you familiarize yourself with what has moved where.

New UI

The new UI has evolved from the previous design, so most things are located exactly where they were before, with the one exception of the "My" menus. These now live off a new menu, accessed by clicking your avatar icon in the top right of the page.

Infrequently accessed pages, such as "my settings", now live one click deeper, but plenty of shortcuts still exists, such as on the "my home" page. ...

The Power of the Force


Continuing onto the next logical step when something goes wrong such as losing a strong piece like our queen. We need to adjust our game style and plan. If your opponent has an advantage it is no good trying to force your way like bull in a china shop.

There is a difference between forcing the win and forcing the path the game runs through. A Weaker player will try to force the situation on you. This is something I am guilty of too where I press on the gas too much and end up doing more harm to my self.

Enjoy the latest blog video. ...

A Complicated Mate in Four

First blog. I'm supposed to say a bunch of stuff, but I can't think of a damn thing. So I'm just going to post a problem for solving.

White to move and mate in 4 moves.

If you can correctly list white's threat and all of black's defenses, you are a very thorough solver!

C. H. O'D pt. 2–Smoking Botvinnik+Pipes–Bletchley Park

This section thanks to moonbus, who pm’ed me with the moves and pictures of a chess set he owns that was used by A. L. Moir in a simul against C. H. O’D Alexander. Thanks, moonbus!

THe pieces touched by two British champions!

The knight and rook can be identified as the kingside K and R for notation purposes

C. H. O’D Alexander–Rev. A. L. Moir 1953 Simultaneous ...
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Nezhmetdinov and the Hungarians

I picked up this in a book shop, it was sealed.

Pictured playing cards dedicated to famous Hungarians.

I know seven famous Hungarians, six of them are chess players.

Portisch, Adorjan (I’ve played him…..I lost), Breyer, Reti Sax and...

Coping with a sudden loss of a loved one (The Q)

Title hereSo you are playing with your queen and before you know it she gets captured by a blood sucking vampire. Are you going to lose your cool and have to be restrained from doing something rash?

When playing chess there is no one else there that will do this for you. This is a shame to be honest because most players fall victim to their own emotions before they fall victim to their opponent. So this means you have no one else you can rely on other than yourself. No one loses their queen intentionally unless it is planned this, it can happen because we have overlooked something. The other way is we get too confident and over extend on our attack and end up getting the Queen stuck or trapped and the final way is by an attack from our opponent that has paid off and ended...

The power of the Queen

The Queen,

rT9VQxaGKI0 ...

Live video Blog Session


C.H.O'D. pt.1: Blunders–Bletchley Park

Alan Turing wrote the algorithm for Turochamp, but wasn’t a particularly prolific player in his own right. One of his colleagues–C.H.O’D. Alexander–was. He is a particularly undervalued player today–although some claim he had Grandmaster potential, his peak years overlapped with World War Two, when he was needed for codebreaking and the opportunities for international play were limited. His best tournament was Hastings 1953/54, where he tied David Bronstein for first, beating Bronstein and Tulosh (a Soviet grandmaster). Also in 1954(Albeit not in the same tournament), he produced this entertaining miniature against Milev (the 1952 champion of Bulgaria.)

Conel Hugh O’Donel Alexander–Zdravko Milev 1954
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 {All standard so far.} 6.Bd3 e5 7.Nd...
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The Knight's Triangle + The Immortal Perpetual

The theme of the week is Knights and the things they do.
That’s me in a shadow of a Knight leaning against a Rook.
red pawns
Now I know that you know that I know that you know you that you cannot
Checkmate a King with a Knight and Bishop if it is in the ‘wrong corner’. ...

Alan Turing–Bletchley Park

Ads for The Imitation Game were everywhere, inspiring this post, during the weeks preceding its release. However, this Alan Turing-centric movie leaves out, for the masses, one important thing: the chess. Alan Turing, according to, wrote a chess program:

“…working with his former undergraduate colleague, D.G. Champernowne, Turing began writing a chess playing algorithm. In 1952, lacking a computer powerful enough to execute the program, Turing played a game against Alick Glennie, in which he simulated the computer, taking about 30 minutes per move. The program lost that game, although it is reported that it scored a victory against Champernowne's wife.”

Although the computer would not function due to the lack of processing power, Turing used a paper and pencil to c...
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Three Puzzles


Three puzzles: The hidden part shows what the side to play looks for, then the solution.

HikaruShindo-eagleswing RHP 2015
White to play
1r2Rb1r/ppkb2pp/2pp4/6BQ/8/3B4/PPP2PPP/6K1 w - - 0 1 ...
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Hi Guys.

Once a week or two I will put up something which I deem (and I hope you do too) interesting, instructive, and/or inspiring.

Send me things you’d like to hear about, games, or feedback.

(Hopefully) Enjoy!
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Why is Kramnik Blindfolded

It starts with me flicking through a chess book….it was this one.
Chess Book
and seeing this picture of a final position from the 1935 Euwe-Alekhine W.C. match.
Saying Black resigned.

I looked and looked again but could not quite get it. The photograph must be wrong...

Unheard Melody + Puzzles + Capablanca's Tears

Don’t blame me. Blame…I can’t remember his name…I lost a blitz game
because I missed a simple checkmate in two by trying to be a clever dick.

Punishment in such cases is swift and sure. Solve six simple Checkmates.
I had to solve them so you have to solve them. It’s the RHP Blog rules.
The postions have been taken from this boo...

The Dangers of Following Theory.

This book contains the best introduction to a chess book I’ve ever seen.
Assiac’s (Caissa backwards) love for the game simply oozes off the pages.

Each man is given a splendid write up. He is what he has to say about Pawns.

“Those Pawns! That loyal line of foot-sloggers arranged in tidy...

The Quest to Bust MCO 9.

On the 21 February 2015 Red Hot Pawn was 22 Years old. So….
Title here
red pawns
Three things I love more than anything else in the whole wide world.
A good bum on a woman, under promotion with a check and a Quest.

So whilst browsing through the January 1959 edition of Chess Revie...

Fischer's Will to Win + Ernie Returns

The club always looked forward to Grimshaw’s spectacular Knight moves.
red pawns
Usually I end every piece with a game from the RHP vaults of horror.
This week I’ll start with a question about one. ‘What Happened Next?’

Haribo1 - Josh S RHP 2013 (White to play....

Eagle Cheats + Caro Kann Traps

Too me, poets are lank haired unemployable shiftless individuals
I fail to see the need for them or how they ever came into being.

Obviously while most of our ancestors were out fighting Mammoths
a few members of the tribe sat around and painted on the cave walls.
These hangers on no doubt evolved into poets, artists and lawyers. ...

Windmills + Rook v Knight + The Adams Spot!

I was playing over the Giri - Ding Liren game from the ongoing 2015 Tata Steel…..

(insert a picture of Amish Giri……………….Russ)
Amish Giri
This is Amish Giri on the cover of the April 2009 CHESS when at
14 years and 7 months he became the World’s Youngest Grandmaster...

Tal and the Caro Kann + Double Deception

First this.
Beginner Book
by A.Gopalaratnam (published 2006)

As beginner’s books go it is OK. Some of the examples of play are very good.
However, there is one piece of advice I have never seen in any beginner’s book.

The author wants you set up the pieces on a table with two chairs. You make the...

Happy New year!

January 2014 part 2

I hope everyone enjoy the Holidays and welcome to 2014 part 2 ( 2015 ).

I hope I didn't leave you hanging too much and I hope your minds are eager for more. Since it is the 12th day after Christmas tomorrow officialy trees any and all green must be gone from within the house.
Since we chess players need all the luck we can muster I'll give you a brief second to go run round make sure there is no hidden Holly or pieces of Tree anywhere and get one more kiss under the mistletoe...

Snoopy v Carlsen + Najdorf Tricks

Happy Birthday planet Earth you are 2015 today.

(actually it’s a lot older than that…a lot older, but it’s going through a mid life crisis so be kind.)

As is normal with all end of year blogs, columns, chess magazines etc..and etc…
One can fob off the readers with selections of the best of bits of the previous year. ...

The Christmas 2015 Bloggy Thing

Yippee it’s Christmas and just before I settle down to my Christmas Dinner.
(this year we are having D-U-C-K) I’ll go along with what everyone else does
at Christmas. A Christmas Quiz. No. Don’t go, it’s only three chess puzzles.

Usual fare. I’ll show a puzzle and then an RHP game very similar to the puzzle. ...

The Battle of the Knight and Bishop

The chess books teach the material value of both pieces Knights and Bishops are the same three (3) pawns. Others will favor one or the other more,

Is this you when a Knight moves?

If you don’t suffer from Hippophobia you most likely one of those people who like Knights your certainly not along.

How to take a defeat.

How to take a defeat.

I wanted to apologize for the long delay since my last post I’ve had recent dental surgery so I won’t be making a video blog this time.
I think the first lesson that anyone needs to learn regardless of what they play is how to lose, you remember the temper tantrums you had when you lost the game?
I mean sure there is a lot of pressure on a game even when playing at age 4 and upwards. Heaven forbid I remember when I placed against a girl. You wouldn’t want to lose against a girl and keep face with your friends. I don’t mean to take anything away from female players it is simply the type of stupid stuff that goes through a young boys mind. What would be worse if the girl was really cute and you liked the girl, Should I lose so she would be happy, if I beat he...

Let’s All Get Rich Quick Scheme No.46

Those of you that followed the court case (it was in all the papers) will
know that Let’s All Get Rich Quick Scheme No.45 was a complete failure.

My idea of making a chess set with the heads of rare and protected birds
saw me paraded through a dozen courts in a dozens different countries. ...


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