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Public Forums

The forums are the core of the 'Time For Chess' community. Feel free to just read, but please consider posting a comment. Most posts will develop into a conversation (called a 'thread'), so be sure to check back and follow up on any of your earlier posts.

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General discussion. If it's off-topic, or you're not sure where to put it, put it here.

Dec 01 2015 16:2139727

Ask for help using the site

Dec 01 2015 03:258029
Only Chess

Chess related matters only please.

Dec 01 2015 15:4217758

Join and discuss tournaments hosted on this site.

Dec 01 2015 14:322327
Posers and Puzzles

For chess related, or off-topic, puzzles, riddles, games and other challenges...

Dec 01 2015 06:373412

Announcements from your site admins

Oct 14 2015 09:20401

Interested in developing clients or tools for RHP? Discuss and request features here.

Oct 05 2015 03:15323

Potentially heated discussions on topics such as world affairs, politics and other such areas of interest

Dec 01 2015 16:2315297
Site Ideas

Submit and discuss suggestions to improve the site.

Dec 01 2015 11:375078

Debate and general discussion of the supernatural, religion, and the life after.

Dec 01 2015 16:1210254

Discussion forum for sports and sporting events from around the world.

Nov 30 2015 19:123462

Scientific discussion and debate.

Dec 01 2015 06:002483

Discussion forum for the arts.

Nov 30 2015 20:081919
Clubs Public

Each club has its own private forums, but this is a public forum for the discussions and promotion of clubs.

Nov 24 2015 20:17216