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  1. Standard member Moldy Crow
    Your Eminence
    19 Mar '17 18:02
    A lot of you won't remember us, but there are a number of Lifer's here who will.

    For those, I give you the announcement that Moldy Crow and Wucky3 are now a major thing.

    We met here, something like 12 years ago. Were clan mates, friends, and carried on long past our departure from the site. She was always there for me in difficult times offering a sympathetic ear. During my recent break up and divorce, all the cards were finally laid on table about us each having an unspoken crush on each other these many years.

    So let the champagne (or cheap beer, whichever) flow!!!

    (Suck it, haters!)
  2. 17 Mar '17 21:21
    Originally posted by vivify
  3. Subscriber vanderveldeonline
    medieval punk rocker
    20 Mar '17 00:43 / 4 edits
    Well, it seems that no prose contest here or wherever else is possible without at least a slight cause for a controversy.

    Namely, I received 4 votes by PM in last hour before deadline.

    In the contest announcement I said nothing about anonymous voting, I explicitly said that voting and commenting should take place in the thread. Only anonymous writers no anonymous voters.

    All voters who sent me their votes by pm voted for same entry as No1, but three of them also gave theirs votes for the entry which - before I received those messaged votes - held 1st place!

    Well, I included also those PM votes, but only due the following reasons--->>>
    1. Those voters were not unknown or newly members without a single move made. They have rating, have been members for years and some of them I met on Popeye forum in some crazy Taiwan Canasta undressing game, but that's another story...

    2. More importantly, those votes did not affect 1st place!
    They affected second place. And since only the winner is that matters, and that only the winner should expect a prize, so, as I said, I accepted those last-minute PM votes.

    Well, good morning America and good evening Bruxelles, here come the votes-------->>>>>

    Entries with no single vote:
    Places 9-10.

    Entries with 3 points (one second place each)
    Place 7-8.

    places 6, 5 and 4

    6. A BRIE ENCOUNTER by kevcvs35 12 votes
    5. LACKAWANNA by mike 169 15 votes
    4. A BRIE ENCOUNTER by mike 169 17 votes

    First three places

    1. FIFTEEN MINUTES OF CARE by Ghost of a Duke 31 votes

    2. IT'S ONE O'CLOCK AND TIME FOR LUNCH by drewnogal 30 votes

    3. VULTURES by mike 169 22 votes

    I congratulate to Ghost of a Duke and invite him to send me his address to PM so as I can snail-mail him an award...

    I congratulate also to all other contestants for their pieces of prose - Bukowski and Carver can happily rest in peace.
  4. Subscriber apathist
    looking for loot
    22 Mar '17 10:44
    The image from the op is not accurate, since it doesn't show the elephants or the turtle.
  5. Subscriber roma45
    st johnstone
    16 Mar '17 11:54
    Originally posted by BigDoggProblem
    I didn't have a grievance, so I didn't need to do anything.

    I'm not sure if it's just that your reading comprehension sucks, or you're just mentally slow in general. I never said that cheating is OK. In fact, I specifically said that I don't agree with the Easy Riders methods. As usual, you just blanked that out and kept on ranting, not caring if you made any sense.
    So you have no problem with the easy riders you don't care they cheated do you do nothing thats your opinion
    But you seem to have a problem with any one who exposed them they are cheats scum of the site
    I have more honour and brains in my pinky than the likes of you. Sad little man
    Now go and worship your cheating hero robbie
  6. Subscriber Sleepyguy
    Reepy Rastardly Guy
    16 Mar '17 13:32
    Originally posted by whodey
    As we watch the Federal government fail as an institution, what should be done other than to continue to vote straight down your party line of choice?
    Endless bitching and moaning on internet forums should solve it.
  7. Standard member mchill
    Green Lantern
    16 Mar '17 13:34
    Originally posted by whodey

    The federal government employs well over 2 million people. One man cannot lead an organization that large by himself.

    Not only do you need a full Cabinet, but you need hundreds of undersecretaries and deputies as well. Being president without the aid of your Cabinet a ...[text shortened]... mp election. This is business as usual in Washington. And that’s just how the Democrats like it.
    Boo Hoo Hoo...The GOP did exactly the same thing to Obama, the only difference is Obama chose people for his cabinet and other positions that were less extreme, decisive, and more appealing to both sides of the political aisle, and so, had them approved faster. This is what happens when you have an amateur in the White House Whodey.

    P.S. Having your cabinet picks with fewer ties to Russia would be a big help too!
  8. Standard member mchill
    Green Lantern
    16 Mar '17 13:43 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by whodey
    Looks like a judge in Hawaii has blocked yet another EO travel ban.

    Just out of curiosity, could Trump simply pass a new EO that mirrors the old one every time an EO is blocked? It would essentially put a perpetual travel ban into effect despite the courts efforts.

    The Prog use of EO's knows no bounds.
    Whodey, you and "The Donald" are going to have to face the fact that the President is not a King, and a President is subject to judicial review in many areas. One of the big differences between Obama and Trump is Obama knew the law, and Trump is a spoiled child who is used to getting his way with everything, and now he cannot.

    It's fun to watch him whail and whine when he doesn't get his way though.
  9. Standard member no1marauder
    16 Mar '17 14:15
    Originally posted by whodey
    I just wondered what the power of the EO was. With Obama, he could write them with impunity even though it may be in violation of the law.

    I reckon you need the courts stacked in your favor to have unlimited power.

    I understand the game now.
    Amusingly last year the right wing blogs you incessantly quote were crowing about Obama's (who issued less executive orders per year than any President in the last 120 years - record in the federal courts:
  10. Subscriber shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    16 Mar '17 20:30
    Originally posted by Eladar
    Surveillance or wiretapping? By US officials, officials under Obama?
    Oh good grief.

    There is no wire-tapping.

    Obama is not a deep secret counter-democratic terrorist.

    ACA is just an attempt to help poor people get insurance.

    Hillary's emails were a mistake and not an inter-galactic complot to overthrow Western democracy...

    Don't you see it yet?
    You have been screwed.

    But, just incase you're wondering... America is not the greatest nation or democracy on Earth, the planet is not flat and the US armed forces are not invincible.

    However, you may be pleased to know, Springsteen and the E-street band are the greatest live act the planet has ever had the pleasure to witness.

    Feel proud of that what you have!
    Qua politics and morality you are screwed.
  11. Subscriber roma45
    st johnstone
    16 Mar '17 23:09
    Originally posted by BigDoggProblem
    Wrong, again. As usual.

    I'm participating in the Clans reform thread in hopes of creating a better system, free of cheating.
    a clan feature with no cheating, that;s what most want
    now what better way to restore integrity than by punishing cheats interesting you are against a points removal saying its too far in the past to bother about. giving robbie a bit of admiration for beating the system while in the same breathe condoning it, make your mind up.

    now to burst the metallica myth, look at the challenges, a very small percent are resigned after the challenge is won, robbie has done the same robbie even posted there is nothing wrong with it in a reply to mytwosons last year.

    the system was "improved" a few years ago used to be gross points, mctayto moaned left then returned it was changed to net points metallica won again as did wycombe

    the reason those two clans are successful is the sheer amount of games and hard work by the leaders involved, credit to them.

    then in 2015 it started, two clans in obvious collusion got suspended the players involved formed new clans to hand big mouth robbie and the easy riders 700 points for them to win, even Russ has posted there was collusion

    no system will be any good until collusion has been punished integrity must be restored, you might not be interested in retrospective punishments but to me, there is no time limit for fairness

    roll back before we can move forward
  12. Subscriber radioactive69
    Fun, fun fun!!
    17 Mar '17 02:09
    Originally posted by BigDoggProblem
    Actually, the best way to fix the system is to restore integrity going forward by putting a fair system in place, for the first time.

    Your obsession with punishment solves nothing other than satisfying your personal vendetta.

    If I were Russ, I wouldn't respond to a partisan request for banning, based on violation of UNWRITTEN rules. really are carrobies new bum boy. Lemondrop having a break?

    UNWRITTEN rules are still rules. Sometimes common sense has to be taken for granted. I doubt that there is a written rule that states that 2 teams may not collude together to ensure a certain result in the Champions League. This is just taken for granted as common sense. If 2 teams did collude together they could not hide behind the fact "there was no written rule that stated that we could not collude together to manipulate results". They'd be booted straight out of the league.

    Dude, I used to be a member of your clan and thankfully left before you took over. You have no idea if you believe that what carrobie and his minions enacted last year is admirable. You've just become the newest member of the robbie carrobie butt sniffing club. Congratulations !!
  13. Standard member vivify
    17 Mar '17 03:20 / 1 edit
    I'm flattered to be on Duchess' mind that much. No one one else on this forum believes I'm advocating for war against N. Korea. Duchess just wants my attention.
  14. 17 Mar '17 09:11
    Originally posted by whodey

    The federal government employs well over 2 million people. One man cannot lead an organization that large by himself.

    Not only do you need a full Cabinet, but you need hundreds of undersecretaries and deputies as well. Being president without the aid of your Cabinet a ...[text shortened]... mp election. This is business as usual in Washington. And that’s just how the Democrats like it.
    oh the hypocrisy. for 8 years the republicans instituted obstructionism as the ONLY way to govern. They flat-out said that their main objective is to deny Obama a second term. They even refused to even discuss a mainly conservative supreme court judge who supports Citizens United.

    And now you are whining that the democrats are trying to do the same? In matters so extreme as Betsy DeVos and Ben Carson being incompetent, Jeff Sessions being a racist and many more.

    You are absolutely hilarious.
  15. 17 Mar '17 22:24
    Originally posted by whodey
    I made one post about Trump being obstructed ONLY because it seems to have been elevated from times past. Now a sitting President can't even get his appointments through Congress. It was a change that deserved a post.

    I will concede that at least you have been critical of Hillary at times. That shows some promise. My apologies to you but not to any of ...[text shortened]... would have walked away if Hilary had been elected. Liar! These people are the dregs of society
    The GOP tried absurd levels of obstructionism for 8 years. They were rewarded. Apparently it's what the voters want.

    Personally, it has surprised me how easily Trump's nominees have gone through considering how spectacularly unqualified they almost all are. If Rutte tried nominating people like Flynn or deVos to ministerial positions his own party would probably sacrifice him on live TV during a satanic ritual in a televised parliamentary debate.