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  1. 18 Jan '17 17:02 / 1 edit
    Note to general community but specifically to Russ.

    The information provided on this thread is in Russ' hands.
    We will need to give him time for analysis and a response to the community.

    That being said, there is a separate issue at hand that needs to be addressed.
    And soon !!

    This is the fiasco of collusion from 2016.
    This will fester and it will not go away.
    And there will be a negative impact to the site !!

    And this will become a larger issue as time goes on.
    I say this because it appears that the 4 clans involved last year appear to be at it again !!

    Even if the new challenges between Easy Riders and their cohorts - Anti-Metallica, Breaking Bad and Arrow clans - appear to be above board, the optics for this site will not be good !!

    This will only hurt the site !!
    And inaction by site administration will only make things worse !!

    I previously, in this thread, requested that site administration conduct an analysis of the 2016 clan results.

    And render a decision to the clan community in a reasonably timely manner.
    I even stated that a decision one way or the other would be acceptable to me.
    What I am looking for is something. Anything !!

    Silence on this issue is the worst possible course of action !!

    What I think would be an acceptable outcome would be a penalty issued to the participants in the collusion.
    Particularly to the clans whose only reason for existence is to throw points at certain clans in order to skew the outcome of a competition, as informal as that competition may be.

    Also, a data correction in the form of a points rollback would be appropriate.
    If that is not an option, I personally would settle for a flag, say an asterisk, next to the clan(s) involved along with a footnote citing a dubious result.
    Others will not agree with me on this.
    This may require less effort than a data hammer and achieve the same effect.

    Clans that come to mind for this action are Easy Riders in 2016 and Strategic Ultimatum in 2015.
    The latter have already been punished for their actions, yet they show as a 2nd place clan in the 2015 standings.
    That is an INSULT to every clan that competed hard yet finished behind them in the standings !!

    You keep this data for at least 10 years.
    I would think that someone viewing this data in 2025 would like to have a clear sense of the competition of the 2015 & 2016 clan campaigns when they view the results.

    Once again, I respectfully request a response on this matter soon.
    I fully understand stand you have a lot on your plate.
    This request is not an IT development proposal , but a referee decision.
    And it can be progressed separately from the clan system improvement initiative.

    Thanks, Mike (renewed for 2017 )
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    21 Jan '17 13:02
    From Monday a few quick fixes will be going up. I know everyone is impatient for change, but there are other competing priorities right now.

    All 2017 results will be recalculated when any new system is implemented.
  3. Standard member Ghost of a Duke
    Righteous Atheist
    17 Jan '17 18:40
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    I suspect that happened in a dream sir, which begs the question, why are you dreaming about Van der Velde? (I'm hoping it's the pancakes, not the bum).
  4. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    17 Jan '17 22:35
    Originally posted by Seitse
    Yeah, it must be the handicap, you're right.
    I think you don't give a shyte about anything, a total waste of a human life.
  5. Subscriber Suzianne
    Misfit Queen
    19 Jan '17 10:59 / 1 edit
    My vote goes to Robbie Carrobie!!

    Oh, wait.... I thought this thread title was "Easy Riders Clown"...
  6. Subscriber Wajoma
    Die Cheeseburger
    20 Jan '17 12:39
    Originally posted by Suzianne
    Asking for basic human decency and civility is 'forcing their ideals on you'?

    No suzi, that is not what I said.

    Forcing their ideals and taking more than half of a mans working life, then asking for human decency and civility.

    I didn't say they were one and the same thing, I said that those who advocate force and threats of force against their fellow citizens are not due decency or civility.

    You see there's not so much to get confused about there
  7. Standard member checkbaiter
    By God's Grace
    21 Jan '17 16:59 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by vivify
    Eladar said he hopes Obama is "thrown into the trash heap of history".

    So what exactly do you hate about what Obama's done as president? Please name specific acts and bills.
    Obamacare disaster that would have imploded.

    Encouraging illegals to come in and help themselves to our healthcare, social security, free cell phones, and encouraged not to work. This also go's for minorities encouraged not to work, and told "we will take care of you".

    9 Trillion more in debt.

    For a more complete list, go here...
    List of Obama Failures- Updated and Getting Worse By the Day!


    IRS targets Obama’s enemies
    Spying on the AP
    The ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme
    Sebelius demands payment
    The Pigford Agriculture Department Scandal
    The General Services Administration Las Vegas Spending Spree.
    Veterans Affairs in Disney World and neglecting vets
    New Black Panthers Voter Intimidation
    The hacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s computer
    Obama’s LIES about the Affordable Care Act
    “I’ll Pass My Own Laws”
    NSA Spying on American People

    Foreign Policy

    Lack of solidarity with Israel
    Disaster with the Arab Spring
    Leaving Iraq too soon and letting ISIS take over
    Handling of Syrian Red Line
    Calling ISIS “JV”
    Failing to Recognize ISIS as a Radical (or Devout) Muslim Movement
    Returning the bust of Churchill to the Brits
    Lack of Confidence by NATO nations
    Signing a Disastrous Nuclear Deal with the Mullahs of Ira
    Paid $5 Billion & Released 5 Taliban Prisoners For Deserter Bergdahl
    Waging war by attacking Libya without Congressional approval
    Allowed the building of Chinese bases in the South China Sea and off the coast of Somalia at the entrance to the gulf of Aden

    14. Paying ransom to Iranian for hostages- and using foreign currency in unmarked plane
    15. Lying about paying ransom (which media ignored!)

    16. Pays tribute to Japanese at Hiroshima on US Memorial Day

    17. Obama trashed America 18 times on Asian Tour
    Domestic Policy

    Failure to secure the Border
    Illegals bringing guns, drug and diseases through the southern border
    Bowe Bergdahl swap
    Passing on the keystone pipeline
    9 Trillion dollars more in debt
    Vast expansion of government
    Racial Division at all-time high
    Inviting Bomb Boy Ahmed to White House
    Disrespect for Cops
    Failed economic stimulus plan
    Constant disregard for the Constitution and tyrannical rule
    China overtook America as world’s largest economy
    Double Downgrade
    Housing policies failed to stop foreclosures
    Price of healthcare has drastically risen for those purchasing it
    Education policies failed to curb college costs
    Highest percentage of Americans on Food Stamps and Medicaid
    Record 92,898,000 Americans over 16 years not working
    Lowest Labor Force participation rate of 62.7%
    Denying the notion of American Exceptionalism
    Securing the Olympics for Chicago in 2016
    Naming numerous Communists/Socialists/Progressives to Czar Positions
    Mismanagement and cover up of Terrorist shootings in San Bernardino, California
    Mismanagement of Gulf Oil Spill
    Disastrous Vetting Process of “Immigrants” from Muslim Nations
    Refusing to Listen to CIA/FBI that there is no way to properly vet certain immigrants from Muslim nations

    27. Fort Hood Shooting
    28. Colorado EPA Disaster
    29. Veto of 911 Crime Bill- which was overturned
    30. Worst economic recovery since the depression with anemic GDP numbers
    31. Over 94 million Americans out of the workforce
    32. Obama commutes sentence on Chelsea Manning
    33. Obama commuted the sentence of FALN activist Oscar López Rivera
  8. 22 Jan '17 14:59
    Originally posted by robbie carrobie
    These are the times that try men's souls. The summer chessplayer and
    the sunshine clan-player will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their clan;
    but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and
    woman. Tyranny, like Metallica, is not easily conquered; yet we have this
    consolation with us, that the harder the conflic ...[text shortened]... all who demand change
    and are prepared to risk life and liberty to see an end to this tyranny!
    Reading material for your shrink !!
  9. 22 Jan '17 15:04
    Originally posted by robbie carrobie
    These are the times that try men's souls. The summer chessplayer and
    the sunshine clan-player will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their clan;
    but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and
    woman. Tyranny, like Metallica, is not easily conquered; yet we have this
    consolation with us, that the harder the conflic ...[text shortened]... all who demand change
    and are prepared to risk life and liberty to see an end to this tyranny!
    Robbie wrote

    I shall not now attempt to give all the particulars of our great victory of

    Well then ..... allow me

    Clan challenge 278037 – 21W 5L
    Clan challenge 279173 – 11W 4L
    Clan challenge 278877 – 27W 3L
    Clan challenge 279041 – 27W 5L
    Clan challenge 279318 – 14W 2L
    Clan challenge 280444 – 27W 3L
    Clan challenge 281335 – 8W 2L
    Clan challenge 280319 – 24W 2L
    Clan challenge 280872 – 14W 2L
    Clan challenge 281025 – 11W 5L

    It should be pointed out that there are another 30 or so challenges out there.
    I just pulled the first 10 from beginning of the year.
    These challenges also were set before Site put in the 200 rating point limit.
    So you can see the rating differences today when you bring up the challenge.
    They were there back then. because site admin put a stop to this.
    You can also see the "tough" opponents Robbie had to face in these clan challenges.
    On average, more than 600 points lower than his rating for 10 games.

    730 of 1174 Easy Riders' net points achieved in this impressive manner !!
  10. 17 Jan '17 15:38
    Originally posted by checkbaiter
    How sad that you call yourself a Christian and support P.P. and abortions. You will be held accountable one day to a much higher power.
    Millions of babies have been murdered and butchered while you cheer about it.
    Actually it is all of you hypocritical and sanctimonious Christians who oppose abortion AND you oppose any support that will ensure those babies and their mothers will have health care, quality, affordable child care, livable wages for their working mothers, quality education regardless of their zip code and the opportunity to go on for a college degree without horrendous debt if they have the motivation and ability yet lack the financial resources. The U.S. is not a Christian country. It is a country where the devil is worshiped by millions who use Christianity as a front for unbridled greed and cruelty.
  11. Standard member Ghost of a Duke
    Righteous Atheist
    17 Jan '17 15:41
    Originally posted by josephw
    Then you would agree with the assertion that Jesus espoused a liberal political worldview?

    Can you provide an example?
    He seems to have been a man who rejected greed, violence,and the pursuit of power and money. He wasn't really big on judging people or their lifestyles either.

    Sounds pretty liberal to me.
  12. 18 Jan '17 01:24 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by Kunsoo
    I don't know what you mean by "give away." She revealed to the public that Iraqi abd Afghani innocents were murdered from the air. That Guantanamo detainees were being mistreated. That we were spying on allies and harmless public figures. Other things the public have the right to know and should.
    Like e-mails leaked that Hillary was given debate questions and such?

    Is that fair game as well?

    Let me guess, that was just plain wrong, right?
  13. 18 Jan '17 04:24 / 1 edit
    Looks like old Robbie just can't set up his collusion challenges with Arrow and Anti Metallica and Breaking Bad clans fast enough. All new mega challenges within the last 24 hours. Go Robbie go, destroy the clan system once and for all.
  14. 18 Jan '17 17:43
    Originally posted by robbie carrobie
    Actually I simply got fed up of certain people who were contributing nothing of any value to the discussion and who were using it as a platform for their usual propaganda. Fine if they don't want to reform the system its up to them but don't complain to me because its faulty. I forwarded proposals that would solve a lot of its problems and they wer ...[text shortened]... e forwarded by me. I am sorry but I don't need to put up with such myopic close minded dimwits.
    You got fed up ?????
    Hilarious !!!

    If site scanned every one of your posts in the site ideas thread and removed every post that contained the word "sandbagging", you would not be left with a single post !!

    Propaganda. Hilarious !!
  15. 18 Jan '17 17:46 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by robbie carrobie
    You seem to think that others should be held accountable to your own personal set of rules Crusty. All of the Easy Riders challenges are made within the site rules. I suggest that if you do not like the present clan system then contribute something to the thread specifically created by Russ for that purpose. If all you can proffer is, 'I am leaving', then I suggest that you go and let us get on with finding solutions.
    Using that tired old argument of yours would mean that Strategic Ultimatum would still be in business.

    Stay tuned !!