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playtheimmortal game324 Nov '14 13:52Obama320sonhouse
Car decelerates at 1000 G:624 Nov '14 13:49sonhousesonhouse
wally722 Nov '14 01:12wolfgang59wolfgang59
Addition (?) puzzle1122 Nov '14 01:11wolfgang59wolfgang59
Hats and logicians1320 Nov '14 09:13CalJustCalJust
4's only7514 Nov '14 21:15lemondropiamatiger
Dingbats2110 Nov '14 06:33wolfgang59wolfgang59
What is the length of the roll?809 Nov '14 18:43sonhousesonhouse
How many what??3706 Nov '14 14:52wolfgang59CalJust
English Civil Wars801 Nov '14 05:35wolfgang59wolfgang59
enlighten me on the book's end note304 Oct '14 05:23Paul Dirac IIPaul Dirac II
"Colored lights may hypnotize..."608 Sep '14 03:34Paul Dirac IIPaul Dirac II
letter sequences1805 Sep '14 21:46wolfgang59forkedknight
A couple more1102 Sep '14 03:30Paul Dirac IIPaul Dirac II
Why didn't the chicken cross the road?719 Aug '14 23:41coquettecoquette
Pay rise1003 Aug '14 02:30wolfgang59wolfgang59
My medical regimen:1802 Aug '14 01:56sonhouseKewpie
Question about irrational numbers:623 Jul '14 19:49sonhouseZuggy
Flashback to Faces Gameshow623 Jul '14 18:40luskinZuggy
Population control problem:1219 Jul '14 04:22sonhousewolfgang59
Curve Fitting1011 Jul '14 21:03joe shmojoe shmo
Duct Design ( Looking for some advice)929 Jun '14 15:45joe shmosonhouse
1000!629 May '14 17:27talzamirsmw6869
Another two of 'em1024 May '14 04:22Paul Dirac IIPaul Dirac II
To Mars in FIVE minutes: (Ship time anyway)722 May '14 09:56sonhousesonhouse
Questions about a simple Ohm's law formula:519 May '14 17:18sonhousesonhouse
Two of 'em1815 May '14 07:24Paul Dirac IIiamatiger
Cold cold ice cubes:314 May '14 16:27sonhousesonhouse
Round Shapes2310 May '14 11:46talzamiriamatiger
To mars in one hour!722 Apr '14 14:08sonhousesonhouse