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Tax law verses immigration124 Nov '14 12:08whodeywhodey
How have you changed?3224 Nov '14 11:49whodeywhodey
Should Society Support only Poor Choices?12524 Nov '14 11:44Eladarno1marauder
meta-morality10924 Nov '14 11:35moonbusno1marauder
Meet Rich Weinstein324 Nov '14 02:37whodeywhodey
Establishment Speech2324 Nov '14 00:34EladarDeepThought
The Democrats' John McCain?4423 Nov '14 20:16sh76Duchess64
Bow to your new emperor4323 Nov '14 19:19whodeyRJHinds
Fake beheadings29423 Nov '14 16:27Metal BrainAThousandYoung
Interpretation of election results.11423 Nov '14 08:00whodeyKazetNagorra
Gun Reform12522 Nov '14 20:21bill718Duchess64
Well it's official922 Nov '14 17:46whodeyEladar
Being a good citizne = rights322 Nov '14 15:50whodeyno1marauder
The Benghazi attacks422 Nov '14 13:24bill718no1marauder
The GOP on immigration921 Nov '14 23:13bill718whodey
President Obama's Illegal Immigrant Issue9921 Nov '14 23:11KingOnPointwhodey
What's Obama Up To?1021 Nov '14 04:06JS357RJHinds
A Canadian View of the USA3020 Nov '14 16:49JS357bill718
Red state mentality9520 Nov '14 02:09bill718sh76
Swedishstan8919 Nov '14 16:37whodeyAmaurote
Obamacare creator calls voters stupid2119 Nov '14 15:24whodeywhodey
Animal brothels in Denmark13618 Nov '14 03:56whodeyDeepThought
Obama in 2011 on immigration317 Nov '14 19:52whodeyfinnegan
Net neutrality1117 Nov '14 13:36Metal BrainMetal Brain
FOX Executive Murdered - Who, Why?116 Nov '14 19:53AThousandYoungAThousandYoung
Trans Pacific Trade agreement.2016 Nov '14 19:41whodeywhodey
Canadian View of the US?116 Nov '14 01:23JS357JS357
Astroid4016 Nov '14 01:20CoolerayahDeepThought
5 dimensional political compass3415 Nov '14 08:43sh76RJHinds
Obama to remove Assad2014 Nov '14 23:33whodeyJS357