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Malayasian Airliner Crashes in Eastern Ukraine8525 Jul '14 19:54Duchess64Duchess64
What gun control measures would you support?4425 Jul '14 19:46ZahlanziDuchess64
Israel to invade Gaza?29025 Jul '14 19:39Metal BrainDuchess64
UN Attacks Irish Abortion Rules (article)1625 Jul '14 14:18Duchess64redbadger
Obamacare on the skids again.425 Jul '14 11:03whodeywhodey
Do you believe Obama repects rule of law?2525 Jul '14 11:00KellyJaywhodey
Why Abortion Should be Legal, Safe, But Not Nec...10425 Jul '14 08:03Duchess64finnegan
He must be impeached!2725 Jul '14 06:27bill718RJHinds
Incest OK?18024 Jul '14 23:52Eladarfinnegan
Sen. Schumer: End Partisan Primaries624 Jul '14 20:48wittywonkawhodey
Nuclear Jihad?3524 Jul '14 08:57RJHindsfinnegan
Obama torn to shreds1524 Jul '14 03:59RJHindssasquatch672
Mahatma Ghandi1524 Jul '14 02:24Tabitha MarshallDuchess64
More bad press for gay couples17724 Jul '14 00:37whodeyDuchess64
Citigroup fine523 Jul '14 14:53robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
#1 Goal Is Illegal Immigration1123 Jul '14 07:59RJHindsRJHinds
Helping Kids who Commit Crimes1521 Jul '14 20:20EladarEladar
Convert,, pay taxes, or die1021 Jul '14 07:18whodeyKazetNagorra
Housing Illegals instead of the Homeless3521 Jul '14 02:33EladarAThousandYoung
...920 Jul '14 04:16Seitsebill718
Should gay people be forced to bake us all a ca...1220 Jul '14 02:36whodeywhodey
Gay rights cake, Christian bakery.20319 Jul '14 23:21huckleberryhoundnormbenign
So, how bad do you want Putin to be guilty of t...217 Jul '14 19:08SeitseDeepThought
The day that freedom died!6916 Jul '14 17:22Marinkatombrobbie carrobie
Voting Abstention vs. "The Lesser of Evils"1516 Jul '14 01:04wittywonkaDeepThought
Truthfulness and accuracy in ad campaigns1016 Jul '14 00:17normbenignwhodey
A thought provoking article415 Jul '14 18:21bill718AThousandYoung
"Why I Wish I'd Kept My Welsh Accent'" (article...1213 Jul '14 18:14Duchess64DeepThought
Americans are down on America8113 Jul '14 10:16whodeyfinnegan
What Money Can't Buy413 Jul '14 04:34wittywonkawittywonka