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Japan vs the Islamic state5218 Apr '15 02:25ZahlanziSleepyguy
Capitalism3418 Apr '15 01:58JS357AThousandYoung
Performance and Preference in American Capitali...8718 Apr '15 00:23Duchess64st dominics preview
Defensive Missiles2818 Apr '15 00:20AThousandYoungDuchess64
Black made to make cake for KKK16518 Apr '15 00:11whodeyZahlanzi
Hillary for America6917 Apr '15 23:52Suziannenormbenign
"A well regulated militia"9517 Apr '15 23:38JS357normbenign
April 15th, Progressive day!!917 Apr '15 20:18whodeynormbenign
Does This Describe YOU?217 Apr '15 12:05FishHead111Ponderable
John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden717 Apr '15 11:25Zahlanzirobbie carrobie
Protester disrupts European Central Bank416 Apr '15 17:35Metal Braintwhitehead
Progressive privilege2116 Apr '15 11:42whodeywhodey
Latino privilege is...1416 Apr '15 08:31Seitserobbie carrobie
White privilege is...4815 Apr '15 12:29Zahlanzitwhitehead
Another instance of sexism: Pockets9914 Apr '15 22:01ZahlanziZahlanzi
Why do women make less?9714 Apr '15 21:58vivifynormbenign
What are your political beliefs?3114 Apr '15 21:55vivifynormbenign
Is Mugabe A Racist?8814 Apr '15 17:58FishHead111normbenign
did you know....2114 Apr '15 17:37gruntypuntnormbenign
America-Destined to implode7614 Apr '15 17:10kmax87normbenign
Cop shot fleeting unarmed black man in the back11314 Apr '15 16:32vivifyAThousandYoung
Clinton Divorce1413 Apr '15 19:16JS357henjutsu
Did Obama lie to a federal judge?513 Apr '15 04:19whodeydivegeester
Al Sharpton praises South Carolina Mayor513 Apr '15 02:30AThousandYoungRJHinds
Anyone here who's not white?3812 Apr '15 21:53vivifyAThousandYoung
Heretic, Ayaan Hirsi Ali's new book.2511 Apr '15 22:36Seitsefinnegan
PC nirvana at the White House1611 Apr '15 10:03whodeywhodey
The REAL welfare queens15209 Apr '15 16:56bill718KazetNagorra
Scientist meets US republicans2307 Apr '15 20:53Zahlanzinormbenign
Clash of Civilization6207 Apr '15 19:24rwingettShallow Blue