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Muslim married to 12 year old506 Mar '15 12:30whodeySeitse
Ridicule is the only way to deal with the Anti-...2606 Mar '15 11:45Zahlanzicrikey63
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Ayn Rand Objective realism5006 Mar '15 08:48crikey63shavixmir
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Black youth murdered by Illegal thug released f...4005 Mar '15 23:25Hugh Glassvivify
Article 1 Section 12105 Mar '15 22:54Eladarno1marauder
U.S. vs. The World3805 Mar '15 18:39vivifycrikey63
Can this man be stopped?705 Mar '15 17:53whodeywhodey
MMR vaccines18205 Mar '15 14:51Metal BrainZahlanzi
SCOTUS to upend state redistricting laws?1205 Mar '15 03:03JS357no1marauder
Got Me A New Handgun1705 Mar '15 01:58FishHead111normbenign
History of Islam4805 Mar '15 00:11RBHILLfinnegan
Truth about Aisha and Mohammed18004 Mar '15 00:23finneganSeitse
Money taxation is not theft12603 Mar '15 16:44ZahlanziKazetNagorra
Obama is arming ISIS403 Mar '15 13:40Metal Brainwhodey
What Do You Think Of This ?303 Mar '15 10:09FishHead111Shallow Blue
Following like sheep......303 Mar '15 07:18Hugh Glasskquinn909
Which Is Better, 9mm or .45 ?6403 Mar '15 02:58FishHead111normbenign
A "just" kill... OK Game is on.1303 Mar '15 01:04Hugh GlassHugh Glass
U.S Progressive vs. Nazi3102 Mar '15 19:59whodeyfinnegan
Government creeping into retirement accounts402 Mar '15 11:31whodeywhodey
The Face of the Jihadists2102 Mar '15 10:35Eladarfinnegan
I Hate You Guys301 Mar '15 23:38FishHead111finnegan
Netanyahu's little exaggeration2201 Mar '15 17:03shavixmirShallow Blue
Our new American sport5301 Mar '15 16:29Hugh GlassAThousandYoung
Feds raid sessionist meeeting1201 Mar '15 16:24whodeyAThousandYoung
The administrative state801 Mar '15 16:18whodeyZahlanzi
US guns fuel gun violence in Mexico1801 Mar '15 03:28ZahlanziHugh Glass
If you like your internet.......828 Feb '15 16:40whodeywhodey