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Debates Forum

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Clinton aide takes the 5th2305 Sep '15 03:02whodeywhodey
Trump's immigation policy5105 Sep '15 01:38SleepyguyRJHinds
Guns in the U.S.8405 Sep '15 01:28PhrannyRJHinds
Calling out sh76!!11705 Sep '15 01:18whodeyno1marauder
"Rape Apologists Need an Exercise in Empathy" (...58805 Sep '15 01:15Duchess64RJHinds
I'm A Teechar Again !23905 Sep '15 01:03FishHead111RJHinds
LGBT discrimination14905 Sep '15 00:50ZahlanziZahlanzi
Kentucky clerk denies marriage license104 Sep '15 22:58whodeywhodey
Who do we blame for the babies on the beach?204 Sep '15 22:00huckleberryhoundwhodey
Is Hillary Guilty?1704 Sep '15 10:57bill718whodey
Don't look now......203 Sep '15 23:58whodeybill718
Does hook up culture leads to more rapes?18803 Sep '15 22:25sh76Duchess64
Obama changes name of Mt. McKinley1803 Sep '15 20:22whodeywhodey
What is worse, the Confederate flag or....89503 Sep '15 20:17whodeyKingDavid403
Gitmo closure?7603 Sep '15 19:44whodeyRJHinds
What does "everybody is evil" mean?2603 Sep '15 13:24Zahlanzishavixmir
Republicans are terrorists3231 Aug '15 10:55whodeywhodey
Cop tails black man for 'direct eye contact'1230 Aug '15 09:48vivifyRJHinds
NIgel Short Strikes Again on Chess, Biology, an...4029 Aug '15 19:14Duchess64Duchess64
Rome's Past Comparison to the United States6929 Aug '15 03:26KingOnPointAThousandYoung
India ranks 2nd to last in education8429 Aug '15 00:02vivifyDuchess64
The Problem with the GOP6228 Aug '15 19:11PhrannyShallow Blue
Gun Murders on Live American Television2328 Aug '15 19:06Duchess64Shallow Blue
Online harassment428 Aug '15 12:53ZahlanziZahlanzi
Jared Fogle1228 Aug '15 02:36vivifyvivify
Why the GOP has trouble winning1728 Aug '15 02:00bill718RJHinds
Are you ready for the McWhopper?627 Aug '15 19:40vivifyvivify
Remember This?327 Aug '15 10:17FishHead111RJHinds
GOP loyalty oath?727 Aug '15 09:36whodeyRJHinds
Captain Beefheart Fans Out There?526 Aug '15 04:10FishHead111RJHinds