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The evils of socialism2230 May '15 09:23ZahlanziWajoma
Happy Mother's day13130 May '15 09:20ZahlanziWajoma
Baltimore Today2030 May '15 00:56Eladarnormbenign
Poker vs. Chess in Arizona (Not Unlawful?)230 May '15 00:53BobbyCorvinivivify
Politically Incorrect Science730 May '15 00:44EladarDuchess64
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Love or Money?3229 May '15 20:52EladarDuchess64
Obama's Caliphate Conspiracy1429 May '15 18:21RJHindsEladar
Yoga, Judaism and Christianity729 May '15 13:05bill718sh76
John Wayne on liberals3229 May '15 10:43whodeywhodey
Texas storms128 May '15 17:31AThousandYoungAThousandYoung
The Target Huddle6628 May '15 15:41sh76FishHead111
Who has our troops' back?328 May '15 03:35bill718bill718
"No pay, no play! Poor kids banned from school ...1727 May '15 22:23Duchess64Duchess64
Disturbing Video Of Toddler On Big Wheel927 May '15 22:11FishHead111FishHead111
50 cows, 70 sheep, 30 goats527 May '15 21:52whodeynormbenign
Cuba sending lung cancer vaccine to U.S.127 May '15 21:02vivifyvivify
How's this for an investment?1126 May '15 22:35Eladarnormbenign
New trade deal passes Senate826 May '15 16:45whodeynormbenign
Nigel Short on Female Inferiority in Chess17926 May '15 16:32Duchess64normbenign
Predictions on Greece926 May '15 15:01whodeyEladar
Policing Mean Streets124 May '15 21:01FishHead111FishHead111
What Happened When the Police Went Wrong1223 May '15 22:48Duchess64RJHinds
Nine white men gunned down in Texas2022 May '15 14:41AThousandYoungEladar
UK Elections10720 May '15 19:17Sleepyguynormbenign
Vladimir Putin: What Has He Done?4620 May '15 19:14Duchess64normbenign
U.S. taxpayers funding oil companies5420 May '15 18:05vivifynormbenign
If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears ...620 May '15 08:13JS357Ponderable
Shepard Smith and Fox News619 May '15 02:40vivifyRJHinds
Girl tweets about being drunk, kills two3218 May '15 16:05vivifyCalJust