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3 Day Timeout Ladder

3 Day Timeout Ladder

Chess Ladder - 3 Day Timeout

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This ladder has a 7 day timebank for all games.

Ladder positions are corrected every 15 minutes.

PositionMonthPlayerRatingHistoryLast moveGames
10Subscriber ZonaGrad2202Games25 Oct '14 04:28-Defending
20Subscriber SeinfeldFan912207Games24 Oct '14 08:19-Defending
30Subscriber RFN1972Games25 Oct '14 07:43Challenging-
40Subscriber kristjan1619Games25 Oct '14 01:11-Defending
50Subscriber finnegan1952Games23 Oct '14 09:38-Defending
6+5Subscriber chmrjg1544Games25 Oct '14 03:03-Defending
7-1Subscriber Ohforf1503Games24 Oct '14 09:06ChallengingDefending
8+11Subscriber InvaderOfRome1866Games25 Oct '14 08:34--
9-2Subscriber Carl Corey1849Games24 Oct '14 00:52-Defending
10-2Subscriber BartVH2081Games24 Oct '14 21:21Challenging-
11-2Subscriber chr6501781Games24 Oct '14 18:34ChallengingDefending
12-2Standard member jocsjunior1694Games24 Oct '14 22:35-Defending
13-1Subscriber klopdisselboom1770Games25 Oct '14 07:13Challenging-
14-1Subscriber marc562043Games24 Oct '14 23:10Challenging-
15+6Subscriber ianp1567Games25 Oct '14 08:57ChallengingDefending
16-2Standard member wesson1796Games25 Oct '14 06:02--
17-2Subscriber HansB2117Games24 Oct '14 11:45--
18-2Subscriber jheikki1826Games24 Oct '14 20:18-Defending
19-2Subscriber pijun1940Games24 Oct '14 23:59-Defending
20-2Subscriber junnujannu1602Games25 Oct '14 07:07-Defending
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