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About clandarkfire

Hi, I'm Kareem. I'm 16, and I love chess. Doesn't seem to be the best "sport" to get chicks with though.

You'll recognize me near the back of my profile picture. I'm the one with the blue shirt and slacks.

I am currently trying to drastically cut down on games, so I'll probably take the skull unless the position is interesting or we were having a worthwhile discussion. Just don't take it too personally, it's nothing against you.

I'm also the proud leader of Club 253 and we are RECRUITING. We offer several tournaments open to subscribers and non subscribers. You can view the progress of our largest current tournament at this site:

I'm willing to play just about anyone, but please say "hi" at least. I will delete any random challenges that come out of the blue. I will generally move once a day or more, but will sometimes take a long think. If you'd like me to move faster, send me a word and I'll probably comply, so long as you're not too much of a dick about it.

Modern Chess is too much concerned with things like Pawn structure. Forget it, Checkmate ends the game. - Nigel Short

Speaking: The Hero

I did not want to go.
They inducted me.

I did not want to die.
They called me yellow.

I tried to run away.
They courtmartialed me.

I did not shoot.
They said I had no guts.

I cried in pain.
They carried me to safety.

In safety I died.
They blew taps over me.

They crossed out my name
And buried me under a cross.

They made a speech in my home town.
I was unable to call them liars.

They said I gave my life.
I had struggled to keep it.

They said I set an example
I had tried to run.

They said they were proud of me.
I had been ashamed of them.

They said my mother should be proud.
My mother cried.

I wanted to live.
They called me a coward.

I died a coward.
They called me a hero.

by Felix Pollak

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Games Played 1653
Rated 1512
Won 1012
Lost 561
Drawn 80
In Progress 0
Moves 44348
Moves This Month 0
Rating 1966
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1966
Tournament Entry Rating 1966
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Rated Games
965 (64%)467 (31%)
W/D/L As White790
531 (67%)218 (28%)
W/D/L As Black722
434 (61%)249 (34%)
Played By Color1512
790 (52%)722 (48%)
Won By Color965
531 (55%)434 (45%)
Lost By Color467
218 (47%)249 (53%)
Drawn By Color80
41 (51%)39 (49%)
Wins by timeout 127 (13.16%)
Losses by timeout 61 (13.06%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating196619662083
Average Rating196619661779
Lowest Rating196619661060
Opponent Avg. Rating205620561512
Games Rated111015
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