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Jim Dandy

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About Jim Dandy

I enjoy chess and like to play a few games with an opponent before moving on to other players. I like a challenging game. Sometimes my work schedule is heavy, but generally 3 days per move with a 7 day reserve is far more than enough for me. I hate time-out game-endings, but if I see you are playing other games and ignoring the game with me, I'll take a time-out victory. But I don't mind stretching a game or 2 out long-term if you have the courtesy to inform me that you need the extra time for personal reasons. I'm looking forward to meeting other chess enthusiasts around the world who aren't afraid to say "Hi !".

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508 games

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248 games

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260 games

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All Games Played508
In Progress10
All Moves17816
Moves This Month197
Tournament Entry Rating1448

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508 games


242 games


256 games


10 games

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37 games


22 games


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Highest Rating148514851485
Average Rating142113131293
Lowest Rating137011831159
Opponent Average Rating142913201309
Games Rated26114321
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