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Joined 06 Aug '07
Last Moved 31 Jul '14
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About kbear1k

Played a lot in college 25 years ago. Starting to get back into the game. Rating used to be 2300+ USCF. Hope folks will still play while I try to get my online rating higher. I will use database programs, my collection of Informats, New In Chess Yearbooks, ECOs etc. I will also use endgame analysis books, and endgame databases (Encyclopedia of Chess Endings) - not tablebases. I also have a large collection of older games along with old collections of 64 and Shakhmatny SSSR. I do not use chess programs (PC based or stand alone) I will often spend hours agonizing on a single move.
I will only play clan or league games at this moment.

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Games Played 269
Rated 260
Won 205
Lost 9
Drawn 55
In Progress 4
Moves 8273
Moves This Month 0
Rating 2416
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 2418
Tournament Entry Rating 2417
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Rated Games
196 (76%)55 (21%)
W/D/L As White133
108 (81%)22 (17%)
W/D/L As Black127
88 (69%)33 (26%)
Played By Color260
133 (51%)127 (49%)
Won By Color196
108 (55%)88 (45%)
Lost By Color9
3 (33%)6 (67%)
Drawn By Color55
22 (40%)33 (60%)
Wins by timeout 16 (8.16%)
Losses by timeout 0 (0.00%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating241624182418
Average Rating241324082288
Lowest Rating241023912031
Opponent Avg. Rating231920181971
Games Rated530227
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