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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member oldpedroonline144415312724227 Feb '17 13:47Challenge Player
Standard member Brimfulonline14772023739114713727 Feb '17 13:47Challenge Player
Subscriber marrekshionline12813301481691327 Feb '17 13:47Challenge Player
Standard member gonemanonline12363481821372927 Feb '17 13:46Challenge Player
Subscriber imetfischeronline141550502182245241627 Feb '17 13:46Challenge Player
Subscriber NN Cheaponline20744181348142427627 Feb '17 13:46Challenge Player
Subscriber TMEWilliamsonline1221428184237727 Feb '17 13:45Challenge Player
Subscriber Tony39online1293321417127 Feb '17 13:45Challenge Player
Standard member ronaironline203451490227 Feb '17 13:44Challenge Player
Standard member Eggcatcheronline154711045484896727 Feb '17 13:44Challenge Player
Standard member RayTreonline910862064227 Feb '17 13:43Challenge Player
Standard member crendenonline11334051692231327 Feb '17 13:43Challenge Player
Standard member Campaigneronline1008173470010161827 Feb '17 13:42Challenge Player
Subscriber lauseyonline1697209810499529727 Feb '17 13:42Challenge Player
Subscriber david1947online102530731185178110727 Feb '17 13:41Challenge Player
Subscriber bobbypopsonline169311306533839427 Feb '17 13:41Challenge Player
Standard member the flufferonline1370679331339927 Feb '17 13:41Challenge Player
Standard member Gloggersonline131428521415131911827 Feb '17 13:41Challenge Player
Subscriber EssefBee1843396332343027 Feb '17 13:40Challenge Player
Standard member wylam46online15894802142155127 Feb '17 13:39Challenge Player
Standard member tigerkidonline17016092702994027 Feb '17 13:38Challenge Player
Subscriber padgeronline112472803335376717827 Feb '17 13:37Challenge Player
Standard member Bodikeonline1407254142108427 Feb '17 13:37Challenge Player
Standard member eurobold1020433201227527 Feb '17 13:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Elphinstone154025471344109510827 Feb '17 13:36Challenge Player
Standard member Blood On The Tracks1207237123111327 Feb '17 13:36Challenge Player
Standard member Ben Oni1721433363561427 Feb '17 13:36Challenge Player
Standard member KennyQTip1857248154633127 Feb '17 13:35Challenge Player
Standard member Amaurote1802453336793827 Feb '17 13:35Challenge Player
Subscriber zanussi162630331719109621827 Feb '17 13:35Challenge Player

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