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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member davoxonline15096023142672130 May '17 11:15Challenge Player
Standard member kenny62online12202541211231030 May '17 11:15Challenge Player
Standard member Gary Doranonline12658354463622730 May '17 11:15Challenge Player
Subscriber bowie7online13053620169218854330 May '17 11:15Challenge Player
Subscriber mcmreonline1492205710629257030 May '17 11:14Challenge Player
Subscriber Greg Williamsonline140214046517242930 May '17 11:13Challenge Player
Standard member magnificent markonline13141086640230 May '17 11:13Challenge Player
Standard member andynguyen123online13985502522782030 May '17 11:09Challenge Player
Standard member sabirchonline11096853103621330 May '17 11:08Challenge Player
Standard member Lightening Stuonline13113013134116155730 May '17 11:08Challenge Player
Standard member DIEmicrosoftonline1267311515130 May '17 11:06Challenge Player
Standard member scrappy182online1411282150123930 May '17 11:06Challenge Player
Standard member scottpenfold127111395545691630 May '17 11:04Challenge Player
Subscriber kmax87129819019279195530 May '17 11:04Challenge Player
Standard member Waldemar12906122343552330 May '17 11:02Challenge Player
Standard member Discoduck126512435776283830 May '17 11:01Challenge Player
Subscriber ian727215967694502764330 May '17 11:00Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadog109153382264287819630 May '17 11:00Challenge Player
Standard member Marsan16084212751331330 May '17 11:00Challenge Player
Subscriber theundertaker161133551949110430230 May '17 11:00Challenge Player
Standard member steve peach1185374104266430 May '17 11:00Challenge Player
Standard member Dubiville170794543437913230 May '17 10:59Challenge Player
Standard member GeoffKoo145020411383830 May '17 10:56Challenge Player
Standard member shinobu14211769674630 May '17 10:55Challenge Player
Standard member pozz12687993534123430 May '17 10:55Challenge Player
Subscriber The Pup124910903936702730 May '17 10:55Challenge Player
Standard member daddykool2810458003334501730 May '17 10:54Challenge Player
Subscriber Craig stone17558485572533830 May '17 10:54Challenge Player
Standard member stewyy16695323541641430 May '17 10:54Challenge Player
Standard member dickkyboy116112486285952530 May '17 10:53Challenge Player

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