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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber beardmusiconline11495602173192428 Feb '17 16:46Challenge Player
Donation Mulderonline12522265109310878528 Feb '17 16:46Challenge Player
Subscriber payne3141online15143031741161328 Feb '17 16:46Challenge Player
Subscriber goodknightoutonline14798843144898128 Feb '17 16:46Challenge Player
Subscriber BoardReaderonline16727344402623228 Feb '17 16:45Challenge Player
Standard member Tomm6345789online129814014139454328 Feb '17 16:45Challenge Player
Standard member licancaburonline15685912932593928 Feb '17 16:42Challenge Player
Subscriber zanussionline162230351719109821828 Feb '17 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member Blood On The Tracksonline1207237123111328 Feb '17 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member Sprooseronline14174842232273428 Feb '17 16:41Challenge Player
Subscriber jb70online15321374076964948109628 Feb '17 16:41Challenge Player
Standard member daveyxonline15676963583013728 Feb '17 16:40Challenge Player
Subscriber pineapple421344104634292540177028 Feb '17 16:40Challenge Player
Standard member michael1473online11577553154162428 Feb '17 16:39Challenge Player
Standard member kadanskionline12661135656128 Feb '17 16:39Challenge Player
Standard member Python Peteonline13536222753014628 Feb '17 16:38Challenge Player
Subscriber QuickDrawd4online1965156192151312728 Feb '17 16:37Challenge Player
Standard member wretchonline116910225594342928 Feb '17 16:37Challenge Player
Standard member conceptartonline1372792617167828 Feb '17 16:37Challenge Player
Standard member Acolionline13813952481311628 Feb '17 16:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Redshoes142913106795468528 Feb '17 16:36Challenge Player
Subscriber gunnygarth122411174806043328 Feb '17 16:36Challenge Player
Standard member Paul Gribbinp 128113349701428 Feb '17 16:35Challenge Player
Subscriber bamba317048694703504928 Feb '17 16:35Challenge Player
Standard member ahowlett11854261932221128 Feb '17 16:34Challenge Player
Subscriber Bobthebass154339092077157925328 Feb '17 16:34Challenge Player
Subscriber Acresda14705462732502328 Feb '17 16:34Challenge Player
Standard member arjun151402393171216628 Feb '17 16:33Challenge Player
Standard member tashford100510553986461128 Feb '17 16:32Challenge Player
Standard member Miketheslim1284692641228 Feb '17 16:32Challenge Player

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