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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member SnowHawkonline16457123742815716 Jan '17 21:52Challenge Player
Subscriber Jools06online118354202168307018216 Jan '17 21:52Challenge Player
Standard member muppettonline152611375964835816 Jan '17 21:52Challenge Player
Subscriber Startreaderonline114296293381609015816 Jan '17 21:52Challenge Player
Standard member Alex Bestononlinep 1584880016 Jan '17 21:52Challenge Player
Standard member patwadonline1435176810047224216 Jan '17 21:52Challenge Player
Standard member stubtoeonline12991275966216 Jan '17 21:52Challenge Player
Standard member Rafsteronline11143531641791016 Jan '17 21:52Challenge Player
Standard member Chessbegood12online11082621121341616 Jan '17 21:51Challenge Player
Standard member attackforce66617569655301116 Jan '17 21:51Challenge Player
Subscriber DrRobotnikonline19164102431234416 Jan '17 21:51Challenge Player
Donation HAPPYonline12225222642382016 Jan '17 21:51Challenge Player
Subscriber jb70online14881334075014763107616 Jan '17 21:51Challenge Player
Standard member tulyaronline1385362184170816 Jan '17 21:51Challenge Player
Standard member Blood On The Tracksonline131619810689316 Jan '17 21:51Challenge Player
Subscriber KevinHonline1718108052645310116 Jan '17 21:50Challenge Player
Standard member DaveHonline1809204106653316 Jan '17 21:50Challenge Player
Standard member Redweboonline11456672783711816 Jan '17 21:50Challenge Player
Standard member matt1961online1765203771022416 Jan '17 21:50Challenge Player
Subscriber malvernoonline11774882482172316 Jan '17 21:49Challenge Player
Standard member slyoneonline1369240123114316 Jan '17 21:49Challenge Player
Subscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline17122502153574622116 Jan '17 21:49Challenge Player
Subscriber CPKonline13032729121214308716 Jan '17 21:47Challenge Player
Standard member parker1online11618263354365516 Jan '17 21:47Challenge Player
Subscriber LegendOfEd127723621151111110016 Jan '17 21:47Challenge Player
Standard member Tomm6345789online115113683939344116 Jan '17 21:45Challenge Player
Subscriber dm7online15347233603283516 Jan '17 21:45Challenge Player
Standard member MrVertigoonline13036962753952616 Jan '17 21:45Challenge Player
Standard member jonnymaconline180121416641716 Jan '17 21:44Challenge Player
Standard member dizzypawnonline155630911591117033016 Jan '17 21:43Challenge Player

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