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US secondary education vs the world5508 Dec '16 19:42Eladarstellspalfie
A day that will live in infamy2108 Dec '16 19:32whodeylemon lime
Could Trump be assassinated?2608 Dec '16 18:00divegeestertwhitehead
Climate Data Deniers Are Trying to ‘Bork’ Trump...7108 Dec '16 17:27checkbaiterZahlanzi
Conflicts of interest Yes or No?108 Dec '16 17:23mchillmchill
That pesky swamp doesn't seem to be draining208 Dec '16 17:19ZahlanziZahlanzi
Federal Judge halts Michigan recount408 Dec '16 16:47sh76whodey
Nate Silver rips Jill Stein908 Dec '16 16:46sh76whodey
More electorate shenanigans1308 Dec '16 15:18ZahlanziZahlanzi
Head of the EPA208 Dec '16 14:54mchillKazetNagorra
Recount11408 Dec '16 14:44Eladarcheckbaiter
Washington Post Appends "Russian Propaganda Fak...108 Dec '16 14:20checkbaitercheckbaiter
Limbaugh sounds alarm as Trump meets Al Gore2908 Dec '16 13:58checkbaitercheckbaiter
Dr. Gosnell movie308 Dec '16 04:26whodeywhodey
Times' man of the year is...1108 Dec '16 01:47shavixmirHandyAndy
California regulates cow farts3208 Dec '16 00:20checkbaiterlemon lime
The pro-life marketting success1707 Dec '16 23:05shavixmirSleepyguy
Wait.....wut?1607 Dec '16 22:46whodeylemon lime
Michael Slager won't be convicted3507 Dec '16 20:33vivifyDuchess64
France cracks down on pro-life web sites2007 Dec '16 18:47whodeykquinn909
The old west and womens suffrage107 Dec '16 05:40lemon limelemon lime
Pizzagate vs airforce none107 Dec '16 05:15shavixmirshavixmir
Which is it Dims?1007 Dec '16 05:10whodeycheckbaiter
How the electoral college really came to be307 Dec '16 03:28KunsooKunsoo
On that story that Clinton only won 57 counties...106 Dec '16 22:13KunsooKunsoo
FAKE NEWS ROUNDUP Look who's really generating ...2406 Dec '16 15:17checkbaitercheckbaiter
Will they actually repeal the ACA?6206 Dec '16 12:03KunsooSuzianne
Hillary won by 2 million votes?5906 Dec '16 06:39whodeykquinn909
US style "free trade" is trade war4106 Dec '16 02:54finneganlemon lime
Donald Trump is going to hate being president1705 Dec '16 22:56Zahlanzino1marauder