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"No, wives 'withholding sex' are not to blame f...6627 Feb '17 13:42Duchess64Eladar
"Time is running out on American democracy, his...1327 Feb '17 13:02Duchess64whodey
Swedish Police Officer's Perspective4427 Feb '17 12:56Eladarfinnegan
The New German Normal?5527 Feb '17 12:31Eladarfinnegan
Obamacare with John Olliver127 Feb '17 12:22ZahlanziZahlanzi
Woman refused hijab, and denied a chess tourney3727 Feb '17 11:19whodeyrobbie carrobie
The War on Drugs?4527 Feb '17 11:15whodeykaroly aczel
Sean Spicer's leak investigation was leaked227 Feb '17 09:51Zahlanzisonhouse
Germany's attacks on migrants: 10 a day2427 Feb '17 07:11shavixmirshavixmir
Support the Article V movement14027 Feb '17 02:01whodeywhodey
Yemengate4626 Feb '17 23:24AThousandYoungDuchess64
Remember Dolzale?926 Feb '17 23:09whodeyDuchess64
White American Christian Pastor Charged with Ra...1326 Feb '17 21:23Duchess64Duchess64
witches use black magic to bind Donald Trump an...1826 Feb '17 21:04checkbaiterfinnegan
Finally, left wingers got it right!2926 Feb '17 20:39whodeyfinnegan
Calling Republicans4626 Feb '17 18:29divegeestershavixmir
Analyst warns Obama now undermining Democrats426 Feb '17 16:43checkbaiterHandyAndy
Tory by-election victory a sign of what is to c...3126 Feb '17 15:32AshiitakaDeepThought
The Magic R12126 Feb '17 14:42kmax87FreakyKBH
A new political order?2126 Feb '17 13:49shavixmirfinnegan
Muslim Preschool Teacher Fired6026 Feb '17 03:44EladarEladar
Did Donald Trump Inspire Another American 'Hero...1125 Feb '17 23:23Duchess64Duchess64
The Donald will build up the military1325 Feb '17 15:19AThousandYoungEladar
Meet Keith Ellison1325 Feb '17 14:29whodeywhodey
Russian connection325 Feb '17 09:29lemondropmchill
MSNBC Anchor Statement525 Feb '17 00:32joe shmoEladar
Americans Encouraging Greater Israel as Aparthe...2325 Feb '17 00:08Duchess64finnegan
Correct Grammar Racist4624 Feb '17 23:41Eladarfinnegan
Deportations1224 Feb '17 23:23checkbaiterfinnegan
Iranian Woman Banned from Chess for Not Wearing...4424 Feb '17 21:31Duchess64Duchess64