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Perhaps Schools should be failing kids based on...405 May '16 00:16Eladarno1marauder
Congrats Progs304 May '16 23:26whodeywhodey
American Athlete in Hijab at 2016 Olympics804 May '16 22:25Duchess64phil3000
Rape Culture14904 May '16 21:50vivifyDuchess64
11 year Old Hero. Or Psycho ?2804 May '16 21:27FishHead111twhitehead
What Not to Say to Someone Facing Abuse on the ...104 May '16 21:08Duchess64Duchess64
Kansas trickle down experiment504 May '16 20:44Zahlanzish76
One Woman Stands Up Against Neo-Nazis in Sweden104 May '16 20:43Duchess64Duchess64
IQ by Major2804 May '16 19:48EladarEladar
How IQ is affected by genetics and Envinronment104 May '16 19:32EladarEladar
Conservative lynchings4904 May '16 16:08whodeyKazetNagorra
One good thing about Trump904 May '16 15:05whodeyKazetNagorra
What is math, based on Gender2304 May '16 15:01EladarEladar
Hillary must earn Sander's voters5404 May '16 10:13ZahlanziSuzianne
Lionel on having no candidate204 May '16 08:11robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
To Know Ted Cruz Is To Wish You Didn't604 May '16 07:19ZahlanziSuzianne
Women on Waves2804 May '16 06:06Duchess64shavixmir
Ted Cruz pick for VP1604 May '16 06:02whodeyshavixmir
Sneak peak at 2020 election4004 May '16 03:56whodeySleepyguy
Another Day in American Racial Profiling2503 May '16 22:40Duchess64AThousandYoung
Illegals now make more than those on social sec...1303 May '16 21:25whodeyKegge
Is this woman black?7303 May '16 19:29EladarKazetNagorra
Fascism, Misogyny, and Rape Culture in Spain3403 May '16 00:58Duchess64AThousandYoung
Science finds Marijuana is bad for you7102 May '16 12:35Eladarsonhouse
Flint Water investigators Found Dead1102 May '16 11:01vivifyFishHead111
Rigged system?701 May '16 19:24whodeySuzianne
What is wrong with America1601 May '16 12:08Suziannewhodey
Truth Gets you Fired at ESPN9830 Apr '16 20:52EladarEladar
Satanists angered over Boehners comparison930 Apr '16 14:35whodeyshavixmir
Was Stonewall Jackson a Genius General?3929 Apr '16 23:21AThousandYoungnormbenign