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Attack at Parliment25825 Mar '17 16:55whodeyrobbie carrobie
Republicans to wreck protection for bears and w...5125 Mar '17 16:33finneganEladar
Health Care Bill Vote Delayed5425 Mar '17 16:32mchillEladar
Stupid to work2325 Mar '17 16:13checkbaiterwhodey
Trumpcare dead?3225 Mar '17 14:33Ponderablewhodey
The future of America525 Mar '17 14:22whodeywhodey
Failure of GOP leadership625 Mar '17 14:21whodeywhodey
fbi comey225 Mar '17 12:26kquinn909checkbaiter
Ivanka gets White House office & classified inf...1125 Mar '17 03:41vivifyDeepThought
National Parks.225 Mar '17 03:32kquinn909DeepThought
Federal Government owning State Lands325 Mar '17 02:52EladarEladar
FBI investigating Trump7525 Mar '17 01:30PhrannyPhranny
koch bros and 0bamacare2424 Mar '17 23:59kquinn909vivify
Tim Allen will never find work again in Hollywo...1624 Mar '17 16:16whodeyGreat King Rat
Pizzagate, Hold the Pizza4024 Mar '17 13:51FreakyKBHsonhouse
Today we see...224 Mar '17 13:04JS357Ponderable
Canada wants illegals coming from US to go back1624 Mar '17 10:17whodeywhodey
Neil Gorsuch, Social Liberal6323 Mar '17 21:16Eladarno1marauder
Sturgeon and the Pound3323 Mar '17 17:14divegeesterAmaurote
War with N. Korea4323 Mar '17 14:31vivifyAThousandYoung
Down Turkey, down! Back in yer cage!13523 Mar '17 13:33shavixmirshavixmir
Rape in Mexico2423 Mar '17 10:17whodeysonhouse
How Can President Trump be Impeached?1023 Mar '17 07:11Duchess64Ashiitaka
Another poor misguided Mo.7322 Mar '17 21:44kquinn909Duchess64
McGuiness @ 66522 Mar '17 12:07st dominics previewSleepyguy
Did Obama wire tap Merkel?3322 Mar '17 10:07whodeywhodey
Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free wor...2921 Mar '17 21:31ZahlanziKazetNagorra
Everyone loves Bernie Sanders except the Democr...3120 Mar '17 22:23ZahlanziZahlanzi
Happy white cracker racist day2220 Mar '17 20:36whodeywhodey
It's here. The cure for Donald Trump!220 Mar '17 16:33mchillcheckbaiter