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Vacation How to227 Jun '17 07:32markinsaKewpie
avatar how to520 Jun '17 18:49Mary578Mary578
Siege219 Jun '17 11:12Khandita108Russ
Scripts not working214 Jun '17 18:25Sebastian YapSebastian Yap
What414 Jun '17 13:26Great Big Steesmwmiller
Selet queening piece: how?1413 Jun '17 11:09CeSingesgoleary
Tournament rating610 Jun '17 03:11Khandita108Kewpie
subscribed member is told not subscribed308 Jun '17 16:52lolitaknightRuss
men blank board901 Jun '17 03:41johnnight1Kewpie
Tournament321 May '17 23:55couger99couger99
buddy list221 May '17 16:12SO Friendmwmiller
Delete Game419 May '17 19:59MbwanaSebastian Yap
Decining a game offered618 May '17 23:19flugzeug2Kewpie
Vacation ethics115 May '17 13:46vanderveldevandervelde
e-mail lists all moves214 May '17 18:43SO FriendPaul89
move display114 May '17 14:38SO FriendSO Friend
Vacation settings311 May '17 20:14FlyingWolfFlyingWolf
Flip game log boards, black at the bottom130 Apr '17 18:27CeSingeCeSinge
Live or Bullet230 Apr '17 15:46EL2Lowmwmiller
new app for iPad430 Apr '17 13:51junebcStartreader
clan forum/clan leaders127 Apr '17 11:36utherpendragonutherpendragon
Cancelling Subscription226 Apr '17 18:48BayouKid12venda
Pgn525 Apr '17 16:32Tony39mwmiller
Rating points819 Apr '17 12:06Khandita108mwmiller
Invalid tournament timeouts--possibly....216 Apr '17 23:4776XadrezKewpie
points515 Apr '17 20:07ray georgeSebastian Yap
points215 Apr '17 04:55ray georgeKewpie
Open Invites407 Apr '17 22:20Khandita108Khandita108
Help related to tournament305 Apr '17 21:26saral93adalia bipunctata