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    31 Jan '04
    14 Dec '18 16:10
    Reading, writing, arithmetic.
    Where places are on a map.
    The general time line of history, so you csn place films, stories, yourself.

    And most importantly: nurturing curiosity.
    Get those kids interested in whatever and teach them how to find out more and express themselves.
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    08 Aug '03
    11 Dec '18 07:26
    "Crazy Eyes" Cortez...

    Hey, whodey, how about everytime we reference your name in this forum, we preface it with "Shameless Liar"? Would that be fair?
  3. Standard membervivify
    08 Mar '11
    12 Dec '18 05:42
    I'm pretty drunk right now. I'm not kidding.
  4. Standard memberwolfgang59
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    16 Dec '18 18:48
    @vivify said

    56 percent of the wealthiest families are Republican. The top 6 wealthiest families are Republican, as are 8 of the top 10 wealthiest families; 16 of the 20 richest families are Republican.

    Thanks for playing.
    Grossly unfair of you to use facts against poor old whodey.
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    23 Sep '06
    11 Dec '18 02:11
    @whodey said

    So she is Jewish, eh?

    I hear she is 1/1024...........................IQ level, but I don't know about being Jewish.

    Does anyone care?
    Only jerks like you.
  6. Standard memberwolfgang59
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    09 Jun '07
    11 Dec '18 02:38
    @philokalia said
    I think that's just a convenient excuse. I think you were mad. I think you are actually quite prickly about these things.

    You made a mistake -- and you deleted your mistakes.

    It's OK, though: no judgment. Nobody is perfect. Sometimes we all get angry and hostile.
    I would suggest that your thinking is totally bonkers.
    That's what I think.
    And you should have kept it to yourself - it does not aid the debate at all does it?
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    07 Feb '09
    11 Dec '18 03:30
    @averagejoe1 said
    We (dem and repub alike) def shouldcare about this person. Socialism doesn’t work. I’d think she knows that. And Here is a strange.... knowing full well that there are socialists in this forum, why is it never proffered for discussion, never touted by them?
    I'm not a big fan of Socialism.
    But maybe you could start by enlightening us all on why Socialism doesn't work.
    But first, get off on the right foot by telling us what Socialism is.

    Not trying to belittle or insult you.
    But too many people out there trashing Socialism without even knowing what it is.
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    16 Jan '07
    11 Dec '18 12:301 edit
    @averagejoe1 said
    (Please, why the ad hominem aspersions..). Ok, Socialism is pretty much that no matter who works, who works harder, who doesn’t work, create , produce, be charitable, who has 5 kids, who has no kids, who saves lives, who saves nothing, who defends our freedom, who goes surfing everyday... They ALL own the factories and businesses etc in this country, they ALL own the val ...[text shortened]... s the guy with no kids get to own the same percentage of our production as does the guy with 5 kids?
    That's not socialism.
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    29 Dec '08
    11 Dec '18 14:511 edit
    Those who cast the net of deregulation indiscriminately should review two cases in the area of pharmaceuticals - The 1937 Elixir Sulfanilamide Incident, and thalidomide birth defects. No, I’m not going to do your homework for you.
  10. Standard memberDeepThought
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    27 Oct '04
    12 Dec '18 06:31
    @whodey said
    I think its because she seems stupid enough to believe the Left wing dribble as where the hard core Dims that are aging and on the verge of death in the democrat party seem to be mere demagogues of the Left wing dribble.

    She really believes that places like Venezuela are better than the US.
    If you are going to call members of the House of Representatives stupid I suggest you try rewriting that first paragraph so it makes grammatical sense, otherwise your point's going to contain a little unintentional irony.
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    02 Jan '06
    12 Dec '18 14:48
    @duchess64 said

    "Juntendo University and Kitasato University, both in
    Tokyo, said this week that they had set a lower pass
    mark for men than for women in order to secure a
    sufficient number male graduates to enter the medical profession.

    “Women mature faster menta ...[text shortened]... , according
    to the Asahi newspaper. “In some ways, this was a
    measure to help male applicants.”"
    Why are you so bigoted referring to people as men and women?
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    04 Feb '05
    12 Dec '18 16:301 edit
    @averagejoe1 said
    Google “more than 44% of Americans pay no federal income tax.” There is your link. This is widely known.
    As to liberal versus conservative in regards to freedom, conservatives prefer smaller government , less regulation and a literal interpretation of the Constitution. That makes us free, we have liberty. Liberals on the other hand are for more regulation and se ...[text shortened]... stion that liberals are more needy of actions and resources of others ...they enjoy being dependent.
    perhaps you should learn to use the quote button. you know, so people understand who you're talking to.

    like you've been told, not paying federal income tax and paying no taxes are two different things, aren't they?

    "As to liberal versus conservative in regards to freedom, conservatives prefer smaller government"
    like the patriot act, huh.

    "less regulation"
    but not when it comes to telling a woman what to do with her body

    "and a literal interpretation of the Constitution. "
    as opposed to liberals who take a figurative interpretation of the constitution?

    "That makes us free, we have liberty"
    that doesn't mean anything. freedom to do what? how the hell does free college infringe on your freedom? On the other hand, if you can't afford to go to college, how does that make you free? Free to do what, work in a job you have too much potential in and be poor for the rest of your life? How is universal healthcare infringing on your freedom?

    "Liberals on the other hand are for more regulation"
    and that infringes on your freedom how? Does it infringe on your freedom to drink poison water in Flint? On your freedom to poison the water in flint? Does stopping car manufacturers from making death traps make you less free?

    "Those lefties are for more regulation" is just what sheeple watching Fox news too much say. It doesn't mean anything and just paints you as ignorant. Argue for specific issues. What regulations do you think are harmful? What regulations aren't?
  13. Subscriberno1marauder
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    22 Jun '04
    12 Dec '18 21:25
    @whodey said
    Wow, you kids really are desperate.
    Have you not claimed that the Mueller investigation and possible impeachment are a "coup"?
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    04 Feb '05
    13 Dec '18 09:26
    @averagejoe1 said
    I’ve always referred to federal income tax, not tax on a can of coke. And thanks for ‘quote’ button I’m new
    Free College. Free Healthcare. You should watch Fox more often. Don’t you think that if one gets all that from govt (the govt has no money) that, in fact, you and I are paying for it. Thus if I am paying for the education and health care of a family with six ...[text shortened]...
    Isn’t it amazing in debates such as this that we both truly believe in our opposing arguments?
    "I’ve always referred to federal income tax,"
    what you meant and what you actually said are two different things but at least we've cleared that.

    "Don’t you think that if one gets all that from govt (the govt has no money) that, in fact, you and I are paying for it."
    I am certain "you and I" are paying for it. Just like the healthy are paying for the sick. It's a good thing. It benefits society if people who are capable get educated. It benefits society that poor people can afford to get regular checkups and catch that cancer early.

    "Thus if I am paying for the education and health care of a family with six kids ( I have NO kids), then that means these people are figuratively at my door getting my money"
    You can look at it however you want. I choose to look at it as investing in a better society. The kid that you pay a portion of college tuition for might get a good job in the future and he won't become the adult you pay unemployment or welfare for.

    "I was going to use that money to adopt 3 beautiful children who barely escaped abortion."
    First of all, no you weren't. Second of all, you won't raise 3 beautiful children on the 3-4$ you contributed to that guy's tuition (your taxes don't go to just that guy's college tuition they fund a lot of other projects). Third, you already decided it's ok to pay for another jet and tank for the deadliest military in human history. Fourth, you are paying for the healthcare of mitch mcconnell but you can't pay for the healthcare of a 26 year old suffering from diabetes so he doesn't die?

    "And as to the Flint, that is what government does. Throw those criminals in jail with Hillary, I’m glad to spend my tax money on those matters, and walls."
    In order to 'throw those criminals in jail" you need to have regulations and wilingness to enforce them. So thank you for agreeing that some regulations are needed.

    "Do you know the libs want the govt (you and me) to provide ‘free’ birth control so losers can have recreational sex? "
    Yes, i do. And that's a good thing. You pay 1 cent to provide free birth control so you don't have to pay 1 dollar so the mother of 5 gets an abortion for number 6 so you don't have to pay 100$ for that child's healthcare and potentially, later, his unemployment check.
    You can't stop people having sex. Since you can't do that, you might want to figure out what would be the next best thing. You can refuse to pay for their birth control and teach them a lesson, then in a couple years you get mugged by the father (or the mother, #womencanbemuggerstoo) of that child because they can't afford to feed it.

    "Do you like that furtherance of freedom infringement?"
    I do. I much rather pay for someone to have safe sex than pay for another tank for the military.

    "Isn’t it amazing in debates such as this that we both truly believe in our opposing arguments?"
    Neah, it's just not clear yet to you what i actually stand for.

    you, and many other conservatives, are dealing in absolutes. FREEDOM is something black and white, you are either completely free or you're a slave. Taxes are bad! You hear something is being bought with tax money and you feel as if you were the one paying for it when in reality it was millions of other americans.

    Real world doesn't work that way. There are some things that don't revolve around individuals. Roads cannot be built by individuals so the society as a group builds them. An individual cannot go to college or afford insulin because someone decided arbitrarily that those cost "this many money" so the society as a group should (in my view) 1. change that arbitrary cost to some other, lower arbitrary cost 2. Decide if they want someone with the potential of being a great doctor to be trained to be a great doctor or thrown into the workforce to be a mediocre burger flipper. Decide if they want a 26 year old with the potential of being an upstanding taxpayer until his 70's or that he should die at 26 because he couldn't afford insulin, something he needs to survive and costs several times less everywhere else in the civilized world.
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    @averagejoe1 said
    Well, I looked at Criticisms of Socialism, on WIKILEAKS, must be 50 paragraphs. Doesn’t look good. Looks like incentives and creativity, which my and your children surely have, just grind to a halt. No sense hashing it, there are many different ‘models’ , even the Clinton Charity fraud has different definitions. but I guess I enjoy freedom, and liberty, just too much. I d ...[text shortened]... $14.00. So those of us who do are paying for their recreation. Can you apply this to your argument?
    you kept the appearance of sanity for as long as you could, but the crazy started spilling forth.

    oh well, into the whodey bin you go.
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