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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member The Ewanatoronline13001046835120 Aug '17 05:59Challenge Player
Standard member deschainonlinep 105715510020 Aug '17 05:55Challenge Player
Standard member Acolionline13874312761391620 Aug '17 05:55Challenge Player
Standard member cdlmalherbeonline1125242107128720 Aug '17 05:54Challenge Player
Standard member the fluffer1209715341365920 Aug '17 05:51Challenge Player
Subscriber Elphinstone158727661472117312120 Aug '17 05:49Challenge Player
Standard member phatband1167478222251520 Aug '17 05:49Challenge Player
Standard member tjmarti14903572041411220 Aug '17 05:49Challenge Player
Standard member Rafster10994221962121420 Aug '17 05:48Challenge Player
Standard member Chalk Serpent1359814730420 Aug '17 05:48Challenge Player
Standard member Foggy1000108411285305445420 Aug '17 05:46Challenge Player
Standard member Alan McMahon1817300213602720 Aug '17 05:45Challenge Player
Standard member tazza117410864665507020 Aug '17 05:45Challenge Player
Subscriber danrose841262198988410683720 Aug '17 05:43Challenge Player
Standard member michael147312658573834433120 Aug '17 05:42Challenge Player
Standard member Solondon12074309175925034720 Aug '17 05:42Challenge Player
Standard member Bobbytonge1192612435220 Aug '17 05:41Challenge Player
Standard member HPCT13092921571231220 Aug '17 05:38Challenge Player
Standard member Ross Taylor153234286020 Aug '17 05:32Challenge Player
Standard member gooses10618272835311320 Aug '17 05:32Challenge Player
Standard member matt196118673191201603920 Aug '17 05:29Challenge Player
Standard member cud1109305146152720 Aug '17 05:22Challenge Player
Standard member big col116310293826212620 Aug '17 05:18Challenge Player
Standard member colin mcqueen15447934183344120 Aug '17 05:17Challenge Player
Standard member goodknightout15179753525348920 Aug '17 05:15Challenge Player
Subscriber pineapple421268107384383557178420 Aug '17 05:08Challenge Player
Standard member dizzypawn151131871644120833520 Aug '17 05:06Challenge Player
Subscriber CPK123031591410164810120 Aug '17 05:03Challenge Player
Subscriber S0AP142549082032249837820 Aug '17 05:03Challenge Player
Standard member neil666966225780514173520 Aug '17 05:02Challenge Player

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