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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Berniedrummondonline144731491529143418626 Sep '18 12:22Challenge Player
Standard member Ian C Goweronline83633284245326 Sep '18 12:22Challenge Player
Standard member okcorralonline10211234476326 Sep '18 12:21Challenge Player
Standard member xjohnonline133723631024120013926 Sep '18 12:21Challenge Player
Subscriber Very Rusty1457111636027425488226 Sep '18 12:20Challenge Player
Standard member Bruce Tranonlinep 12241054126 Sep '18 12:20Challenge Player
Standard member machinethisonline1313201110998456726 Sep '18 12:15Challenge Player
Subscriber Mitchapoloozaonline13492616126812638526 Sep '18 12:14Challenge Player
Standard member Ivanionline1366693534026 Sep '18 12:13Challenge Player
Standard member scottparksonline13963962041731926 Sep '18 12:13Challenge Player
Subscriber krugerandonline181732412071102814226 Sep '18 12:13Challenge Player
Standard member Trigger12online951161334912224226 Sep '18 12:12Challenge Player
Standard member t2516832792160466452426 Sep '18 12:12Challenge Player
Standard member agent331316128648070110526 Sep '18 12:09Challenge Player
Standard member Jerry Warrington1175902402491926 Sep '18 12:09Challenge Player
Standard member Darryl McKenzie10904492012202826 Sep '18 12:08Challenge Player
Standard member duckgallery16265702852701526 Sep '18 12:06Challenge Player
Standard member inukjuak144881943793370869326 Sep '18 12:01Challenge Player
Subscriber historybites134793513672534033926 Sep '18 12:00Challenge Player
Standard member Ghe Ptz1358312167140526 Sep '18 11:59Challenge Player
Standard member jeffb1110502280216626 Sep '18 11:55Challenge Player
Standard member Bernard Tremblay1497996038126 Sep '18 11:53Challenge Player
Standard member snafu10416602683662626 Sep '18 11:48Challenge Player
Standard member A1cook96811295665481526 Sep '18 11:47Challenge Player
Standard member Thedutchman11329044024921026 Sep '18 11:44Challenge Player
Subscriber steen49105716447358674226 Sep '18 11:42Challenge Player
Standard member igarlick12425102232394826 Sep '18 11:37Challenge Player
Standard member Sun of Nail99310373956083426 Sep '18 11:35Challenge Player
Subscriber Papda141610866214392626 Sep '18 11:35Challenge Player
Standard member Canadiancowboy11527215261732226 Sep '18 11:34Challenge Player

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