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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member KnightTime140616318357088824 Jan '18 11:24Challenge Player
Standard member Doctor Jonline1241530235286924 Jan '18 11:22Challenge Player
Standard member KylasDadonline13518434333327824 Jan '18 11:22Challenge Player
Subscriber historybitesonline128090223531516632524 Jan '18 11:22Challenge Player
Standard member Bernard Tremblayonline1478714625024 Jan '18 11:21Challenge Player
Standard member Darryl McKenzieonline1249582829124 Jan '18 11:19Challenge Player
Subscriber Mitchapolooza1518206810319726524 Jan '18 11:18Challenge Player
Standard member B0realonline161319013253524 Jan '18 11:16Challenge Player
Donation Danforth15228935133225824 Jan '18 11:07Challenge Player
Standard member Djakula11296133242761324 Jan '18 11:03Challenge Player
Standard member choda13417713553981824 Jan '18 10:58Challenge Player
Standard member mirror warrior12417013333254324 Jan '18 10:57Challenge Player
Subscriber Blondinette13809814315153524 Jan '18 10:56Challenge Player
Standard member ChessJester1749350203139824 Jan '18 10:54Challenge Player
Standard member Negascout13736394341812424 Jan '18 10:51Challenge Player
Subscriber Apawnocalypse2058250919934219524 Jan '18 10:46Challenge Player
Standard member palmer45125911735216124024 Jan '18 10:46Challenge Player
Standard member agent33127611144186059124 Jan '18 10:45Challenge Player
Standard member Tywa894192647314282524 Jan '18 10:37Challenge Player
Subscriber wsossin2095122577332912324 Jan '18 10:32Challenge Player
Standard member Ghe Ptz133320610795424 Jan '18 10:31Challenge Player
Standard member NRFPTPlayer1422191111651524 Jan '18 10:28Challenge Player
Standard member Lukavich142241421420247025224 Jan '18 10:23Challenge Player
Standard member Chollywood13042441118511876924 Jan '18 10:16Challenge Player
Standard member johnnycarp1915218175311224 Jan '18 10:12Challenge Player
Standard member Donald Porter968702148124 Jan '18 10:09Challenge Player
Subscriber larry the lick88612643918601324 Jan '18 10:06Challenge Player
Standard member ScottWeiser13226113282632024 Jan '18 10:05Challenge Player
Standard member Trek1st154211138212642824 Jan '18 10:04Challenge Player
Standard member 94cormac11713391511781024 Jan '18 09:37Challenge Player

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