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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber SirLurchonline160099734530447297118 Dec '17 12:35Challenge Player
Standard member johnbirk7online12572182111396610318 Dec '17 12:34Challenge Player
Subscriber Galactusonline1629361189163918 Dec '17 12:34Challenge Player
Standard member Avant Guardianonline1131923953018 Dec '17 12:33Challenge Player
Subscriber sperzmanonline157783434382313982218 Dec '17 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member ashtonkrozonline13796262603184818 Dec '17 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member mrobionline11173963175221565518 Dec '17 12:32Challenge Player
Subscriber flatcaponline121451752757228613218 Dec '17 12:31Challenge Player
Standard member chris stothertonline16622941411183518 Dec '17 12:30Challenge Player
Subscriber Favs11912936129915944318 Dec '17 12:29Challenge Player
Standard member gelstononline1589224165491018 Dec '17 12:29Challenge Player
Standard member The Pawnbrokeronline1071225100124118 Dec '17 12:28Challenge Player
Standard member moley48online1189321171147318 Dec '17 12:26Challenge Player
Subscriber Trebormint241015554237317018 Dec '17 12:25Challenge Player
Standard member Rishard116010415194952718 Dec '17 12:24Challenge Player
Standard member cookies116544502326191021418 Dec '17 12:23Challenge Player
Standard member Delta Dave13661447265718 Dec '17 12:23Challenge Player
Subscriber ColeFord179913647345646618 Dec '17 12:23Challenge Player
Standard member pestiferous168016379543018 Dec '17 12:23Challenge Player
Standard member Gary Ellp 1074917118 Dec '17 12:22Challenge Player
Standard member ollieowl12731376761918 Dec '17 12:22Challenge Player
Subscriber yakobby113313886427301618 Dec '17 12:21Challenge Player
Standard member covpete1p 1674990018 Dec '17 12:21Challenge Player
Standard member leekitt01p 150420191018 Dec '17 12:20Challenge Player
Subscriber Wycombe Al11161314464125084164818 Dec '17 12:19Challenge Player
Standard member PawnCurry136831281506150311918 Dec '17 12:16Challenge Player
Standard member Matt Gibbonsp 145718124218 Dec '17 12:16Challenge Player
Standard member briantheref99911394241689017718 Dec '17 12:16Challenge Player
Standard member Mr Bish136826783177718 Dec '17 12:16Challenge Player
Standard member zabe8598073334611318 Dec '17 12:16Challenge Player

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