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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber cheekyonline138535491763165213421 Jun '18 12:10Challenge Player
Subscriber colin powellonline136613176356562621 Jun '18 12:09Challenge Player
Standard member martinlooferonline1288975341321 Jun '18 12:08Challenge Player
Subscriber cptnunicumonline1252176110016867421 Jun '18 12:08Challenge Player
Subscriber vendaonline1490145974258413321 Jun '18 12:08Challenge Player
Standard member Dannyfonkonline163028451406122621321 Jun '18 12:07Challenge Player
Standard member josh06online155610364465405021 Jun '18 12:06Challenge Player
Subscriber chrisz7online170314898381221 Jun '18 12:06Challenge Player
Subscriber zeddolaonline95742631878220018521 Jun '18 12:05Challenge Player
Standard member alexgconline12827763763732721 Jun '18 12:05Challenge Player
Subscriber sperzmanonline161689094700334686321 Jun '18 12:05Challenge Player
Standard member JEL14004852342331821 Jun '18 12:03Challenge Player
Standard member Gnasher999online13689624694108321 Jun '18 12:02Challenge Player
Standard member Stuart1902online1327202471112347921 Jun '18 12:02Challenge Player
Standard member Ghost of a Dukeonline174118799464221 Jun '18 12:01Challenge Player
Standard member L.A Womanonline113862662299381315421 Jun '18 12:01Challenge Player
Standard member lanxfox1343176174581719921 Jun '18 11:59Challenge Player
Standard member VillaFan1245207395210823921 Jun '18 11:59Challenge Player
Subscriber Paul A Roberts1307182383679019721 Jun '18 11:59Challenge Player
Standard member Steve4515487263902964021 Jun '18 11:58Challenge Player
Standard member knight majik137084024076414717921 Jun '18 11:57Challenge Player
Subscriber Wycombe Al11861365466335321170021 Jun '18 11:56Challenge Player
Standard member Ahmed Gattoo1391263124135421 Jun '18 11:56Challenge Player
Subscriber Chippy Minton131924281137116113021 Jun '18 11:55Challenge Player
Standard member Pete16718137154272573121 Jun '18 11:55Challenge Player
Subscriber flaminggrate138215267896845321 Jun '18 11:54Challenge Player
Standard member elvisramone126611595525278021 Jun '18 11:50Challenge Player
Donation markobo150225911212127410521 Jun '18 11:50Challenge Player
Standard member Mark Charles Stevens1339156474869612021 Jun '18 11:49Challenge Player
Subscriber LeylandTrek131414796717842421 Jun '18 11:47Challenge Player

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