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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Huey27online11876012273561816 Aug '18 15:28Challenge Player
Subscriber entropy5online136523591133105816816 Aug '18 15:23Challenge Player
Standard member dpgilesonline972266659320264716 Aug '18 15:23Challenge Player
Subscriber retsnomalig13497423883292516 Aug '18 15:16Challenge Player
Standard member superdale14274682472111016 Aug '18 15:04Challenge Player
Subscriber cricketman168715388805847416 Aug '18 15:04Challenge Player
Standard member weststigersbob1846328214912316 Aug '18 14:57Challenge Player
Standard member kenny6211792991431461016 Aug '18 14:53Challenge Player
Standard member serendipity221418655114016 Aug '18 14:34Challenge Player
Subscriber The Big Bishop174010746433795216 Aug '18 14:20Challenge Player
Subscriber Celsius I134299494665492236216 Aug '18 14:18Challenge Player
Standard member Waratah1246280162115316 Aug '18 14:11Challenge Player
Standard member Athena1979851372602991316 Aug '18 14:10Challenge Player
Standard member bluey441184673391274816 Aug '18 14:09Challenge Player
Standard member kb51382209310389797616 Aug '18 14:09Challenge Player
Standard member Old Boy12476874622141116 Aug '18 14:06Challenge Player
Standard member mybex19611609837111116 Aug '18 14:00Challenge Player
Subscriber Greg Williams138918988779804116 Aug '18 14:00Challenge Player
Standard member GeoffKoo14072461361001016 Aug '18 13:56Challenge Player
Standard member Dunky13355953102632216 Aug '18 13:51Challenge Player
Standard member Kai Schulz16481418252716 Aug '18 13:45Challenge Player
Standard member Kev Pereira1134481730116 Aug '18 13:43Challenge Player
Subscriber kmax8712672067100510055716 Aug '18 13:40Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadog117067332806366825916 Aug '18 13:38Challenge Player
Subscriber Kewpie114185504043427922816 Aug '18 13:31Challenge Player
Standard member francouno1479212016074615216 Aug '18 13:31Challenge Player
Standard member Mike Repacholi13413291921231416 Aug '18 13:25Challenge Player
Standard member bigazza1480693331516 Aug '18 13:25Challenge Player
Subscriber aidypoos147610074714954116 Aug '18 13:24Challenge Player
Subscriber radioactive69146219158939497316 Aug '18 13:22Challenge Player

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