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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber kingdogonline12406803405226638823 Jul '17 00:31Challenge Player
Subscriber Joe Stilleronline99018332147423 Jul '17 00:30Challenge Player
Standard member Gary Kleimanonline15024472351872523 Jul '17 00:28Challenge Player
Subscriber trekkie10512506892151310123 Jul '17 00:28Challenge Player
Standard member pants pissantsonline9699323875331223 Jul '17 00:27Challenge Player
Standard member ephraimonline156010235933814923 Jul '17 00:25Challenge Player
Standard member dnimononline14567633364111623 Jul '17 00:25Challenge Player
Standard member shaffs007138710094794953523 Jul '17 00:18Challenge Player
Subscriber mickeyt137528761374137013223 Jul '17 00:16Challenge Player
Subscriber Kewpie103979073748395320623 Jul '17 00:14Challenge Player
Standard member Louis the XV15229934165304723 Jul '17 00:12Challenge Player
Standard member Pursuit1182524215308123 Jul '17 00:11Challenge Player
Standard member Dunky1275324165150923 Jul '17 00:08Challenge Player
Standard member GeoffKoo142721311887823 Jul '17 00:04Challenge Player
Standard member scottpenfold130611525625741623 Jul '17 00:03Challenge Player
Standard member existentialdread1307987127023 Jul '17 00:00Challenge Player
Standard member Knightsacreborn1232933755122 Jul '17 23:58Challenge Player
Standard member Hedonyst14269605423873122 Jul '17 23:57Challenge Player
Standard member andynguyen12314335602592812022 Jul '17 23:54Challenge Player
Standard member gibbsy108311743188144222 Jul '17 23:53Challenge Player
Standard member Athena1979765268382191122 Jul '17 23:52Challenge Player
Subscriber Peta Pan On Vacation11543914154723145322 Jul '17 23:51Challenge Player
Subscriber Dropkick Aaron1386714028322 Jul '17 23:50Challenge Player
Standard member amannion132812256444899222 Jul '17 23:50Challenge Player
Subscriber cricketman167013998095296122 Jul '17 23:49Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russo138930871239172212622 Jul '17 23:48Challenge Player
Standard member The Pillager125335181553162434122 Jul '17 23:48Challenge Player
Standard member Aussiehaplo11004691952542022 Jul '17 23:46Challenge Player
Standard member Huey279794271812311522 Jul '17 23:45Challenge Player
Standard member tbalfour1139350109232922 Jul '17 23:43Challenge Player

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