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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber petronusonline12204679214124578118 Oct '17 22:03Challenge Player
Subscriber David Greenwoodonline137246792615188817618 Oct '17 22:03Challenge Player
Standard member gibbsyonline103912673538625218 Oct '17 22:02Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russoonline141731841281177313018 Oct '17 22:00Challenge Player
Subscriber cricketmanonline166414348275456218 Oct '17 21:56Challenge Player
Standard member boriskrolonline1758100935452912618 Oct '17 21:56Challenge Player
Subscriber Quanto146632521659141817518 Oct '17 21:56Challenge Player
Standard member Nathan B9736212653371918 Oct '17 21:53Challenge Player
Standard member chesserine1771694813818 Oct '17 21:52Challenge Player
Standard member Dean Bull11934882002731518 Oct '17 21:48Challenge Player
Standard member ostrikovac14716243372592818 Oct '17 21:47Challenge Player
Subscriber thwaiters2116128691252151310418 Oct '17 21:45Challenge Player
Subscriber palacista1774171291962017318 Oct '17 21:43Challenge Player
Standard member wanderm11591627088418 Oct '17 21:42Challenge Player
Standard member Arthur Gruchacz1037401723018 Oct '17 21:42Challenge Player
Standard member andynguyen12314455782682902018 Oct '17 21:41Challenge Player
Standard member shaffs007136410354875123618 Oct '17 21:40Challenge Player
Subscriber Peta Pan10943955156423385318 Oct '17 21:38Challenge Player
Standard member rwyburd99510964056731818 Oct '17 21:37Challenge Player
Standard member markoskyblue12381317552418 Oct '17 21:37Challenge Player
Standard member Kingy12103521995121318 Oct '17 21:34Challenge Player
Standard member Gary Kleiman14924602391952618 Oct '17 21:34Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman11873469169816729918 Oct '17 21:34Challenge Player
Standard member Louis the XV147410514375645018 Oct '17 21:32Challenge Player
Subscriber Dropkick Aaron1378935436318 Oct '17 21:31Challenge Player
Standard member boidos1696158078764614718 Oct '17 21:30Challenge Player
Standard member egor bio hazchem10901484897318 Oct '17 21:30Challenge Player
Standard member Dubiville1755110050744015318 Oct '17 21:29Challenge Player
Subscriber patisfat1066160151810265718 Oct '17 21:28Challenge Player
Subscriber trekkie11002526898152510318 Oct '17 21:27Challenge Player

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