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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Peter Kingsleyonline1623235914608316818 Dec '17 12:42Challenge Player
Subscriber Greg Williamsonline134316287528393718 Dec '17 12:41Challenge Player
Subscriber The Big Bishoponline163910626333775218 Dec '17 12:40Challenge Player
Standard member bluey44online1156568335226718 Dec '17 12:38Challenge Player
Standard member ephraimonline162711036483995618 Dec '17 12:37Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadogonline111859942516325422418 Dec '17 12:36Challenge Player
Subscriber kmax87128719679589535618 Dec '17 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member kenny6212522761331331018 Dec '17 12:31Challenge Player
Subscriber Kewpie110481663878407621218 Dec '17 12:30Challenge Player
Subscriber Bruin14468745432894218 Dec '17 12:30Challenge Player
Subscriber Red House158951642624223230818 Dec '17 12:29Challenge Player
Standard member Lodewyk134110866254491218 Dec '17 12:25Challenge Player
Standard member steve peach1120448128314618 Dec '17 12:24Challenge Player
Standard member dnimon15177823454201718 Dec '17 12:22Challenge Player
Standard member Dunky13234442232061518 Dec '17 12:21Challenge Player
Standard member grannywombat11316513173221218 Dec '17 12:21Challenge Player
Subscriber David Greenwood130347702663192718018 Dec '17 12:20Challenge Player
Standard member Arthur Gruchacz1123572927118 Dec '17 12:13Challenge Player
Standard member Dubiville1711118754347916518 Dec '17 12:11Challenge Player
Subscriber notathoughtgiven1156341715218 Dec '17 12:10Challenge Player
Standard member krj7771102222113105418 Dec '17 12:09Challenge Player
Subscriber bowie711893993187520704818 Dec '17 12:08Challenge Player
Subscriber mendosus12665812802901118 Dec '17 12:06Challenge Player
Subscriber palacista1706173793163217418 Dec '17 12:04Challenge Player
Standard member pjlacy135630025838418 Dec '17 12:03Challenge Player
Standard member KingOfKings122019782108718 Dec '17 11:58Challenge Player
Standard member dickkyboy127213406876252818 Dec '17 11:58Challenge Player
Subscriber mcmre13882333119310598118 Dec '17 11:55Challenge Player
Standard member scottpenfold137812175986011818 Dec '17 11:49Challenge Player
Subscriber Quanto146532981681144017718 Dec '17 11:45Challenge Player

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