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Chess Player Directory for Netherlands

Chess Player Directory for Netherlands

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member fred Sonline10673021421501021 Aug '17 08:16Challenge Player
Standard member Ankie van Koppenonline770480963701421 Aug '17 08:16Challenge Player
Standard member daruonline15622559186654914421 Aug '17 08:15Challenge Player
Subscriber Landslakeonline11422685125513775321 Aug '17 08:15Challenge Player
Standard member Emiel Wieldraaijeronline156013446875797821 Aug '17 08:07Challenge Player
Standard member Hans Arnold15033792261371621 Aug '17 08:05Challenge Player
Standard member Pjotr Antonie157517793701421 Aug '17 08:05Challenge Player
Standard member jpvergouwen173629024739421 Aug '17 08:04Challenge Player
Subscriber jankrb1985909562031590130221 Aug '17 08:04Challenge Player
Standard member Jos Bröring1245623230021 Aug '17 08:04Challenge Player
Standard member Co Braber1515724525221 Aug '17 08:02Challenge Player
Standard member Robbertchessmate1355894937321 Aug '17 07:58Challenge Player
Standard member melfreeman11851587184321 Aug '17 07:55Challenge Player
Standard member lianand13994952082573021 Aug '17 07:54Challenge Player
Standard member taco de adobada1716382413121 Aug '17 07:53Challenge Player
Standard member leen68140414427336486121 Aug '17 07:52Challenge Player
Standard member ahattumvan1419114558840914821 Aug '17 07:52Challenge Player
Standard member elco13587363553522921 Aug '17 07:49Challenge Player
Standard member Daltons1885104272321110821 Aug '17 07:44Challenge Player
Standard member happypainter14247603673504321 Aug '17 07:44Challenge Player
Standard member nopennick11948872855802221 Aug '17 07:42Challenge Player
Standard member Peter van der Spek13567773843237021 Aug '17 07:40Challenge Player
Subscriber afcacbs22231860123243119721 Aug '17 07:40Challenge Player
Subscriber MMark17633032173288641421 Aug '17 07:33Challenge Player
Standard member Noheso1363215068014333721 Aug '17 07:33Challenge Player
Standard member hvandem13841477964421 Aug '17 07:33Challenge Player
Standard member the vigilante166512677354666621 Aug '17 07:32Challenge Player
Standard member Kees Spruijtp 94012210021 Aug '17 07:27Challenge Player
Subscriber schor024160921896952721 Aug '17 07:27Challenge Player
Donation Quirine2067105568194172363921 Aug '17 07:26Challenge Player

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