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Chess Player Directory for Belgium

Chess Player Directory for Belgium

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Raampje xonline1280159465982810719 Mar '18 12:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Wim De Craeneonline12592203114610065119 Mar '18 12:35Challenge Player
Standard member The two Towersonline15878193713658319 Mar '18 12:34Challenge Player
Subscriber CeSingeonline1394432237189619 Mar '18 12:31Challenge Player
Subscriber nonkelonline148891694792389548219 Mar '18 12:27Challenge Player
Subscriber Mon13902144935110810119 Mar '18 12:27Challenge Player
Subscriber wute147310174695331519 Mar '18 12:19Challenge Player
Standard member Steelcat13401175455819 Mar '18 12:10Challenge Player
Subscriber BartVH215211019021297019 Mar '18 12:07Challenge Player
Standard member chacroso150727158419 Mar '18 12:05Challenge Player
Standard member Stephane Kerremans92825223019 Mar '18 11:57Challenge Player
Subscriber rlissens77111623747731519 Mar '18 11:31Challenge Player
Subscriber Lucske6912582324101512634619 Mar '18 11:27Challenge Player
Standard member Sander Vandeputte13301265569219 Mar '18 11:20Challenge Player
Standard member Mephisto22201598497752619 Mar '18 11:08Challenge Player
Standard member Els85661371634433017319 Mar '18 11:02Challenge Player
Standard member flore15011856125748711219 Mar '18 10:53Challenge Player
Subscriber King of Cydonia15773511791492319 Mar '18 10:52Challenge Player
Standard member surfplank93931427019 Mar '18 10:47Challenge Player
Standard member fli73110021183121719 Mar '18 10:32Challenge Player
Subscriber Frenico12491728977619 Mar '18 10:28Challenge Player
Standard member dirty harry144395745438212119 Mar '18 10:21Challenge Player
Standard member joachim11079046492843402519 Mar '18 10:08Challenge Player
Standard member lucas5171612178922448119 Mar '18 10:02Challenge Player
Subscriber BlontLeffedrinkerSr1909285213492319 Mar '18 09:56Challenge Player
Standard member Felix II1251954644519 Mar '18 09:53Challenge Player
Subscriber SurvivorshipBias16424022001643819 Mar '18 09:20Challenge Player
Subscriber jeroenvo10701113279019 Mar '18 09:00Challenge Player
Standard member Limerle1686226115674419 Mar '18 08:55Challenge Player
Standard member noormehdi112310694705663319 Mar '18 08:50Challenge Player

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