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Chess Player Directory for Belgium

Chess Player Directory for Belgium

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber de naronline1116272097616816319 Jul '18 16:59Challenge Player
Subscriber BartVHonline216811229231297019 Jul '18 16:58Challenge Player
Standard member Felix IIonline12131265861719 Jul '18 16:51Challenge Player
Standard member flore14841938130551611719 Jul '18 16:48Challenge Player
Subscriber Frenico1210278143126919 Jul '18 16:48Challenge Player
Standard member patinoramirez299100019647141819 Jul '18 16:46Challenge Player
Subscriber Tony Van Gorp13571829780519 Jul '18 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member dirty harry156399247938912419 Jul '18 16:38Challenge Player
Subscriber Raampje x1196169271287011019 Jul '18 16:34Challenge Player
Standard member The two Towers16378463853778419 Jul '18 16:28Challenge Player
Standard member chacroso1420934146619 Jul '18 16:26Challenge Player
Standard member gilepsie2120348285342919 Jul '18 16:14Challenge Player
Standard member kiekeboe140083540331411819 Jul '18 16:01Challenge Player
Standard member graph156610145194455019 Jul '18 15:57Challenge Player
Standard member Sander Vandeputte13501436675219 Jul '18 15:36Challenge Player
Subscriber CeSinge1394442243193619 Jul '18 15:17Challenge Player
Standard member cotte17079915214294119 Jul '18 14:05Challenge Player
Standard member noormehdi123311074915813519 Jul '18 13:20Challenge Player
Standard member Vegge118111974796912719 Jul '18 12:31Challenge Player
Standard member FnH1152873551119 Jul '18 12:20Challenge Player
Standard member joachim11079086702933502719 Jul '18 12:06Challenge Player
Standard member TFY7411523995540419 Jul '18 11:47Challenge Player
Standard member Glenn Callaerts120821128119 Jul '18 11:31Challenge Player
Standard member hansolo81132111154120151919 Jul '18 11:19Challenge Player
Standard member linuxguru111129063794963119 Jul '18 11:18Challenge Player
Subscriber wute128110464785531519 Jul '18 11:13Challenge Player
Standard member Sergej174010708521605819 Jul '18 11:03Challenge Player
Standard member Ksuyke1320392712019 Jul '18 10:55Challenge Player
Subscriber superpion122412646475991819 Jul '18 10:51Challenge Player
Subscriber SurvivorshipBias16354512241844319 Jul '18 10:47Challenge Player

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