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Chess Player Directory for Belgium

Chess Player Directory for Belgium

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Mononline13502178949112810121 May '18 07:15Challenge Player
Standard member Elsonline86464131700452518821 May '18 07:15Challenge Player
Standard member BlackBeeronline15743952011722221 May '18 07:15Challenge Player
Subscriber edevoonline1187244111127621 May '18 07:07Challenge Player
Standard member Mephisto22201604503752621 May '18 07:07Challenge Player
Subscriber King of Cydoniaonline15993611861522321 May '18 07:07Challenge Player
Subscriber Frenico1242234124104621 May '18 07:03Challenge Player
Subscriber de nar1246260493216116121 May '18 06:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Tony Van Gorp13291648377421 May '18 06:49Challenge Player
Standard member TFY7411524784331421 May '18 06:44Challenge Player
Standard member Sergej179810498381545721 May '18 06:33Challenge Player
Subscriber Raampje x1270163868384710821 May '18 06:22Challenge Player
Standard member Felix II12051054951521 May '18 06:17Challenge Player
Standard member graalridder1500453309138621 May '18 06:09Challenge Player
Standard member The two Towers16258353793738321 May '18 06:09Challenge Player
Standard member noormehdi122510844805703421 May '18 05:44Challenge Player
Standard member chacroso1394642732521 May '18 01:57Challenge Player
Standard member Vegge121011824736832621 May '18 01:00Challenge Player
Subscriber The Token King11185472023192620 May '18 23:55Challenge Player
Standard member FnH1183491929120 May '18 23:00Challenge Player
Subscriber rlissens75512133788191620 May '18 22:31Challenge Player
Standard member fli73114022792128720 May '18 22:25Challenge Player
Standard member kiekeboe140583040231111720 May '18 20:40Challenge Player
Standard member Sander Vandeputte13591366272220 May '18 19:53Challenge Player
Subscriber SurvivorshipBias15884202071724120 May '18 19:40Challenge Player
Standard member Ksuykep 13881073020 May '18 19:25Challenge Player
Subscriber Mahoutsoukai1835102436291317278020 May '18 19:20Challenge Player
Standard member patinoramirez29992719043139820 May '18 19:02Challenge Player
Standard member flore14441891127850011320 May '18 18:39Challenge Player
Standard member jalanopi19264292151476720 May '18 18:32Challenge Player

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