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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member colin gledrieonline19309167451333818 Oct '17 21:58Challenge Player
Standard member LudlowLiononline137811896774654718 Oct '17 21:58Challenge Player
Standard member Davidxfonline12774011971792518 Oct '17 21:57Challenge Player
Subscriber Libelluleonline153717689147599518 Oct '17 21:56Challenge Player
Standard member SnowHawkonline16517954173176118 Oct '17 21:56Challenge Player
Subscriber jeremy reidonline16671985113468416718 Oct '17 21:55Challenge Player
Standard member Solondononline10844373178125444818 Oct '17 21:54Challenge Player
Subscriber dabenstaonline10632509101514187618 Oct '17 21:54Challenge Player
Standard member ahowlettonline12055692602961318 Oct '17 21:54Challenge Player
Subscriber Forest9online151110755724069718 Oct '17 21:53Challenge Player
Standard member oldpedroonline146317214029318 Oct '17 21:53Challenge Player
Standard member hugstepsonline1192291118018 Oct '17 21:52Challenge Player
Subscriber derekxvonline129310314785361718 Oct '17 21:52Challenge Player
Subscriber zanussionline160132311804119123618 Oct '17 21:50Challenge Player
Subscriber gunnygarthonline133512155276543418 Oct '17 21:49Challenge Player
Standard member Fuctonline83333184245218 Oct '17 21:49Challenge Player
Subscriber NN Cheap21244720391549830718 Oct '17 21:48Challenge Player
Standard member mohcp 132618108018 Oct '17 21:48Challenge Player
Standard member robbiedoo6912462861371321718 Oct '17 21:46Challenge Player
Subscriber paul Bonomini1268205411308774718 Oct '17 21:46Challenge Player
Standard member benjy2616631036634318 Oct '17 21:45Challenge Player
Standard member traceyabbo13913131521501118 Oct '17 21:45Challenge Player
Standard member licancabur15986633272934318 Oct '17 21:45Challenge Player
Subscriber Hertz van Rental18514762171758418 Oct '17 21:44Challenge Player
Standard member The Conquistador146725215592518 Oct '17 21:44Challenge Player
Standard member blenkipa116532097221218 Oct '17 21:44Challenge Player
Standard member Carter USM144012355006765918 Oct '17 21:43Challenge Player
Standard member Madmud142018910975518 Oct '17 21:43Challenge Player
Subscriber stevehewitt142510185224692718 Oct '17 21:42Challenge Player
Standard member CoolColin14328644214142918 Oct '17 21:42Challenge Player

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