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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber beardmusiconline107913515357566016 Aug '18 15:28Challenge Player
Subscriber bobbypopsonline1777129273945210116 Aug '18 15:27Challenge Player
Standard member MICHAEL ROBINSONonline1554155289653512116 Aug '18 15:27Challenge Player
Standard member Tinmart69online1022349135208616 Aug '18 15:27Challenge Player
Standard member IZMOTAonline17685362922242016 Aug '18 15:27Challenge Player
Standard member Suicidal Move Makeronline11405552193162016 Aug '18 15:27Challenge Player
Subscriber BaronVonChickenpantsonline13558804324301816 Aug '18 15:26Challenge Player
Standard member gonemanonline12074342201753916 Aug '18 15:26Challenge Player
Standard member Johnharris113534685253816 Aug '18 15:26Challenge Player
Subscriber bugboy115online171412516605266516 Aug '18 15:26Challenge Player
Standard member Dave Smithonline13717333793322216 Aug '18 15:25Challenge Player
Standard member clarkskentonline13304261912241116 Aug '18 15:25Challenge Player
Subscriber noxidjkramonline135829391408138214916 Aug '18 15:25Challenge Player
Standard member Daniel Francisonline13281607876616 Aug '18 15:25Challenge Player
Standard member marklane2001online112415859216412316 Aug '18 15:24Challenge Player
Standard member amtw99online1707187996665126216 Aug '18 15:24Challenge Player
Standard member jatriusonline9216962953802116 Aug '18 15:24Challenge Player
Subscriber Kings Gambitonline155512116494818116 Aug '18 15:23Challenge Player
Subscriber dreams99online1306292399018666716 Aug '18 15:23Challenge Player
Subscriber Croconline98949682017283411716 Aug '18 15:22Challenge Player
Standard member DeePuateuronline1171239126108516 Aug '18 15:22Challenge Player
Standard member ellij100online11876943263541416 Aug '18 15:21Challenge Player
Standard member Casey Wassermanonline15227523323804016 Aug '18 15:21Challenge Player
Subscriber WillRRonline1449885134316 Aug '18 15:19Challenge Player
Subscriber jazzmasteronline204368614316 Aug '18 15:19Challenge Player
Subscriber gothcharles141423271119106814016 Aug '18 15:18Challenge Player
Standard member the fluffer1430809391409916 Aug '18 15:17Challenge Player
Standard member DaveH1866263133844616 Aug '18 15:17Challenge Player
Standard member quicksand1813173479772321416 Aug '18 15:15Challenge Player
Subscriber pineapple421294114194619598481616 Aug '18 15:15Challenge Player

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