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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member parker1online120811774776326818 Dec '17 12:32Challenge Player
Subscriber 64squaresofpainonline1892122672236813618 Dec '17 12:32Challenge Player
Subscriber david1947online105132751260189911618 Dec '17 12:32Challenge Player
Standard member conceptartonline1484951753189918 Dec '17 12:31Challenge Player
Standard member Lord Sharkonline16387784502497918 Dec '17 12:30Challenge Player
Subscriber LegendOfEd127926551290125011518 Dec '17 12:30Challenge Player
Subscriber Lenconline1417110274615602039218 Dec '17 12:30Challenge Player
Standard member Eggcatcheronline141511635715207218 Dec '17 12:29Challenge Player
Standard member Julian Chapmanonline106832920318 Dec '17 12:29Challenge Player
Standard member thecolinonline1247578264310418 Dec '17 12:29Challenge Player
Subscriber divegeester10982732129513884918 Dec '17 12:28Challenge Player
Standard member gq80nnonline828337389024354818 Dec '17 12:28Challenge Player
Standard member Forest Till I Dieonline13298513914273318 Dec '17 12:28Challenge Player
Subscriber jb70online15731607989165938122518 Dec '17 12:27Challenge Player
Standard member Superstuonline1360563123218 Dec '17 12:27Challenge Player
Subscriber imetfischeronline141057102448279247018 Dec '17 12:26Challenge Player
Standard member colin mcqueenonline14448304273554818 Dec '17 12:26Challenge Player
Standard member Trebor1000online1336478238237318 Dec '17 12:26Challenge Player
Standard member Sprooseronline15045252442443718 Dec '17 12:26Challenge Player
Standard member Blood On The Tracksonline1282373208158718 Dec '17 12:25Challenge Player
Standard member The Master DJonline1321613028318 Dec '17 12:24Challenge Player
Standard member shrewonline14622939153713317118 Dec '17 12:24Challenge Player
Subscriber Tonksonline180136192371101922918 Dec '17 12:24Challenge Player
Standard member Richard1online11413491192062418 Dec '17 12:24Challenge Player
Standard member tashfordonline88512464717621318 Dec '17 12:22Challenge Player
Standard member breenbo212907103473352818 Dec '17 12:22Challenge Player
Standard member devilkillinbiatch136513297035953118 Dec '17 12:21Challenge Player
Standard member K V V11864231882152018 Dec '17 12:20Challenge Player
Standard member johnyperu14141759671818 Dec '17 12:19Challenge Player
Standard member Dan90138410685484804018 Dec '17 12:19Challenge Player

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