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Scheduled outage - this week702 Jul '17 08:35RussRuss
7 Day Timeout 4 man team clan league season 3 s...122 Jun '17 14:54RussRuss
In progress games started before 2014122 Jun '17 10:29RussRuss
Blitz Players - important information regardin...121 Jun '17 09:36RussRuss
Server Migration Preparation119 Jun '17 09:27RussRuss
Android App version 4.0.9217 May '17 17:15RussRuss
Clan Challenge Results Change206 May '17 13:05Russ64squaresofpain EOL105 May '17 10:05RussRuss
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"Facebook Login" failure328 Mar '17 20:01RussRuss
Email outage over124 Feb '17 19:01RussRuss
We just turned 16122 Feb '17 17:35RussRuss
iPhone/iPad client early 2017918 Feb '17 08:39Russluckyrookie
Spring cleaning - inactive games removal115 Feb '17 16:10RussRuss
Internet Explorer 9 support ending in 2017110 Jan '17 10:53RussRuss