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Debates Forum

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Denying Racism1520 Aug '17 05:13Duchess64shavixmir
Going to the boss120 Aug '17 04:25stevemccstevemcc
Confederate War Memorials1020 Aug '17 04:11Duchess64Eladar
Economics for idiots2120 Aug '17 00:59finneganFreakyKBH
Who is Jason Kessler?1020 Aug '17 00:54whodeyFreakyKBH
Maria Chapelle-Nadal420 Aug '17 00:46stevemccjoe shmo
Is it ok to punch a Nazi?1420 Aug '17 00:00divegeesterfinnegan
"How the Republican party quietly does the bidd...119 Aug '17 20:04Duchess64Duchess64
'Trump's delivering exactly what they wanted: w...4119 Aug '17 19:18Duchess64Duchess64
"Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal ...3119 Aug '17 19:12Duchess64KazetNagorra
Jefferson Memorial6619 Aug '17 18:27whodeyfinnegan
Trump & temporary work-visas1019 Aug '17 17:33Metal BrainKazetNagorra
Iceland irradicates Down Syndrome4819 Aug '17 16:13whodeyno1marauder
Charlottesville32119 Aug '17 15:50huckleberryhoundstevemcc
Economic hardship & racism119 Aug '17 14:33Metal BrainMetal Brain
North Korea7219 Aug '17 13:29whodeyMetal Brain
The Dunning-Kruger effect919 Aug '17 04:52ptriple42moonbus
Annother Dim calls for Trump assassination319 Aug '17 03:18whodeywhodey
Mo strikes again3319 Aug '17 00:39whodeyDuchess64
Right-Wing White Australian Poltician Mocks Isl...1518 Aug '17 21:24Duchess64robbie carrobie
airline dress code718 Aug '17 15:56moonbuswhodey
Who is the Alt right?6317 Aug '17 23:37whodeyDuchess64
The illuminati and conspiricies in general1417 Aug '17 18:25shavixmirsonhouse
Freedom of speech1417 Aug '17 14:23divegeesterGhost of a Duke
Diversity is our strength?2317 Aug '17 00:06whodeyDuchess64
Ethnic Supremacy3316 Aug '17 00:03kmax87kmax87
Could Putin be a Successful American Politician...1415 Aug '17 02:54Duchess64Wajoma
Soccer pitch irrigation by underground sprinkle...2214 Aug '17 23:53vanderveldeSuzianne
"Fire and fury...13813 Aug '17 19:59divegeesterno1marauder
Illegals voting1813 Aug '17 17:21whodeyEladar