1. Behind the scenes
    27 Jun '16
    11 Feb '19 13:232 edits
    One nice thing about college football is the mistakes. Fumbles, dropped balls, upsets, miscommunications etc. all add the unpredictable and enjoyable nature of the college game. When you factor in schools such as Notre Dame and Stanford that insist on high academic standards, which places them at an automatic disadvantage compared to some other schools (you know - from the south) you get a flawed system full of eager but error prone players and coaches. This goofy quagmire gives the college game a more entertaining and unpredictable quality. Another nice thing about college ball is it's geographical stability, Unlike the NFL, Syracuse University isn't going to move to Idaho because the city built them a nice stadium, nor is Purdue likely to move to Dallas because the city offered them a nice tax rollback package. The NFL is OK, but I like college football better.

    - JMHO 🙂