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Chess Tournaments

Recent Tournament Victories (Last 21 Days Approx)

One on One LonghaulSubscriber gezza1922
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Aspasia2021
Banded Grand Long HaulSubscriber Beeny1442
Banded Grand Long HaulStandard member RBHILL1375
Long Haul SplitSubscriber EssefBee1750
Long Haul BandedSubscriber Blackpoolmad1669
Grand Long HaulStandard member caissad42381
Slow KO #3Subscriber mandolindan2282
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42381
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Mon1395
Long Haul Banded QuartetsSubscriber RedHotMayor1741
Glacial Super Casual BandedSubscriber benda1529
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42381
Glacial Super CasualSubscriber pondskater2420
Glacial Super CasualSubscriber Swiss Toni2100
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Swiss Toni2100
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42381
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42381
Glacial Super CasualSubscriber tappa2384
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42381
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member mihai522368
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42381
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber AccStanfc1774
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member PA822441
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member HumeA1369
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member Hopster1117
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber laffeg1634
Long Haul DuelSubscriber Sinke1356
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Hardbeak852
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Andy D1281
Long Haul QuartetsDonation chessH1568
POPEYE: 21/21 LONG HAUL GRAND OPENStandard member caissad42381
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Imnotkasparov1901
Grand Seven FourteenStandard member vandervelde2110
Long Haul SplitStandard member ontheclock2329
Grand Seven FourteenStandard member vandervelde2110
Long Haul SplitDonation joost2097
Long Haul SplitSubscriber afcacbs2253
Long Haul SplitSubscriber wizardschess1750
Christmas Trial Tournament DualStandard member kuakua881765
Grand Seven FourteenDonation joost2097
ThreesomesSubscriber cenerentola2587
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member OMNI1394
Long Haul SplitDonation Quirine2027
QuartetsSubscriber Mutt n Stu1662
QuartetsSubscriber tappa2384
Long Haul SplitStandard member phani271597
QuartetsSubscriber iesepies1754
QuartetsSubscriber pondskater2420
Long Haul SplitSubscriber HappyChappy2127
Mini DuelSubscriber lepik1417
Mini DuelSubscriber catnap6421137
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Thunderrook2549
QuartetsSubscriber Beeny1442
QuartetsStandard member Fred Aborn2450
QuartetsStandard member OMNI1394
2016 July NHL Free Agent DaySubscriber Timzsn1172
Long Haul SplitDonation Quirine2027
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2587
Long Haul SplitSubscriber takinitez0071845
Long Haul SplitSubscriber beatlemania1882
2016 August Independence Day in IndiaSubscriber Timzsn1172
Long Haul SplitSubscriber tefeather2141
Mini DuelSubscriber Sinke1356
Mini DuelSubscriber mauser1685
2016 September Mexico Independence DaySubscriber kingdog1052
POPEYE: BUD YOU'RE A PESTSubscriber tamperman1220
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42381
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2587
WWC ChampionshipSubscriber Paul Leggett2008
OctetSubscriber mikaeloff philippe1372
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber kirbythecat1732
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cardd222275
Final Four 2016Subscriber Aspasia2021
Mini DuelSubscriber DTH1230
OctetStandard member Mctayto820
Longhaul Banded OctetSubscriber mbakunin1185
Longhaul Banded OctetSubscriber dermpa1758
Longhaul Banded OctetSubscriber Aanatol1531
Longhaul Banded OctetSubscriber RodrigoMattosoSilvei1458
Longhaul Banded OctetSubscriber Red House1680
QuintetsDonation dcpk1842
Sprint DuelSubscriber nuttywalt2373
OctetSubscriber Habatake1528
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42381
Xmas Trial TournamentStandard member subarusubaru1890
Mini DuelSubscriber dermpa1758
Mini DuelSubscriber oldman551758
Mini DuelSubscriber Gruve1585
QuintetsSubscriber Habatake1528
QuintetsSubscriber Quaff1560
Mini DuelSubscriber suicidebishop1300
QuartetsSubscriber LG20061576
QuartetsSubscriber Paul Leggett2008
OctetSubscriber r0ttie11258
OctetSubscriber elmore571091
QuartetsSubscriber Habatake1528
Alekhine's Defence BandedSubscriber Jason King2529
QuintetsSubscriber Timex1563
TOD Crazy Skulls 5 2017Standard member aga31540
2016 January welcome PaulMorphyFan to clubSubscriber tangerinefish1081
2017 January welcome LusoCanuck to clubSubscriber spartangreek1060
QuartetsSubscriber felldancer1616
Robatsch (Modern) defenceSubscriber jazzmax1187
Robatsch (Modern) defenceStandard member Lullington Garth1538
Robatsch (Modern) defenceSubscriber Ashiitaka1770
Robatsch (Modern) defenceSubscriber Thunderrook2549
2017 February Octet 3Subscriber Larry Kasparov1185
QuartetsSubscriber GannonKnight1562
OctetSubscriber nuttywalt2373
POPEYE: B-THREESubscriber sallen1670
POPEYE: F-THREESubscriber sallen1670
POPEYE: H-THREESubscriber sallen1670
OctetStandard member vandervelde2110
2017 April Palm SundaySubscriber bowie71171
Long Haul SplitSubscriber NN Cheap2120
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2587
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2587
Mini DuelSubscriber RedHotMayor1741
OctetSubscriber JonPenny1449
QuartetsSubscriber herrero1260
Banded ThreesomesDonation dcpk1842
OctetSubscriber Muxagata1303
OctetDonation Luck1411
OctetSubscriber Shelrock571541
OctetSubscriber no1marauder2036
QuartetsSubscriber tjmarti1582
2017 May Triads 1Subscriber rookorbycrook1392
2017 May BamdedSubscriber learningspear1200
POPEYE: HEDGEHOGSubscriber Costad1398
Mini DuelSubscriber jkmelancon1166
2017 May welcome LegendOfEd to clubSubscriber laurence c1296
OctetSubscriber l6cum1228
OctetSubscriber Tomboniboi1548
OctetSubscriber HFRylec1872
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber AttilaTheHorn1754
QuartetsStandard member montagueX1361
QuartetsSubscriber forty21435
QuartetsSubscriber woody651452
Mini DuelSubscriber NN Cheap2120
OctetStandard member TopTop2017
Sprint QuartetsSubscriber falkowski1298
Sprint QuartetsSubscriber Busetta1377
Sprint QuartetsSubscriber Will Korstanje1418
OctetSubscriber afcacbs2253
2017 June quick one 1Subscriber laurence c1296
2017 June octet 1Subscriber bowie71171
Mini DuelSubscriber Bassman571352
OctetStandard member thisistips1274
OctetSubscriber red cloud1867
2017 June quick one 3Subscriber laurence c1296
Sprint OctetSubscriber Hammer4ever1385
Sprint OctetSubscriber sperzman1544
Sprint OctetSubscriber AttilaTheHorn1754
Longhaul OctetSubscriber bttnpshrx1245
2017 July triads 1Subscriber bohemia511417
Longhaul OctetDonation Hawaiianhomegrown1321
Sprint OctetSubscriber FatKidonaTrampoline1242
Sprint OctetSubscriber Mitchapolooza1435
For crazy people onlySubscriber procyk1893
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber NN Cheap2120
Sprint SplitSubscriber NdA721836
2017 August Octet 1Subscriber bohemia511417
Longhaul octetSubscriber WB6SVS1112
Hardcore GrandSubscriber jankrb2048
Hardcore GrandDonation peterh1625
Hardcore GrandSubscriber pdunne1991
2017 August octet 3Subscriber alan holman1391
2017 August quick one 1Subscriber alan holman1391
Black burned?!Subscriber pdunne1991
Hardcore GrandDonation peterh1625
Latvian Gambit OctetSubscriber jmi601771
Scandinavian OctetSubscriber mciala1423
Hardcore GrandSubscriber daromott1878
Popeye: The Fast Octet 1/3Subscriber Mutt n Stu1662
Hardcore OctetSubscriber Number 61542
Hardcore OctetSubscriber ScottishGeek1776
Hardcore GrandSubscriber Ragwort1970
Fast play open octetSubscriber sbacat2330
Hardcore GrandSubscriber Blanca1700
Glacial DuelStandard member OMNI1394
Slow QuartetsSubscriber markcardis971
Slow QuartetsSubscriber Pauline Calf1482
Australia -W.A. state championStandard member GoodKnight2U1342
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber tedmatly1326
2016 December Triads 2Standard member cookies1221
Mini DuelSubscriber dermpa1758
Mini DuelSubscriber kNIGHTHEAD1700
Mini DuelSubscriber Thunderrook2549
Mini DuelSubscriber Terryh7 On Vacation1086
QuartetsSubscriber Elphinstone1678
2017 February QuadsSubscriber spartangreek1060
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber KellerBulldog1398
Sprint QuartetsSubscriber do2much1457
OctetSubscriber LHaas791448
OctetSubscriber joe o1134
Sprint OctetDonation Hawaiianhomegrown1321
May Long Haul Championship 2015Subscriber Larry Kasparov1185
POPEYE: "B" BLUTO's OPENINGStandard member caissad42381
QuartetsSubscriber tefeather2141
2016 May Holocaust Memorial DaySubscriber kingdog1052
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber NN Cheap2120
DuelSubscriber cenerentola2587
2016 August English Four knights, 4.e3 TournamentSubscriber Timzsn1172
Banded ThreesomesStandard member michelleon2386
OctetSubscriber cenerentola2587
QuartetsStandard member Mctayto820
Accelerated Dragon - QuartetsStandard member GoodKnight2U1342
2016 Welcome zorromoody to club 2Subscriber kingdog1052
Mini DuelSubscriber SirLurch1632
QuintetsSubscriber Elphinstone1678
QuartetsSubscriber suicidebishop1300
QuartetsSubscriber joeboy691507
2016 December welcome spartangreek to clubSubscriber tangerinefish1081
Mini DuelSubscriber Habatake1528
2017 January quadsSubscriber beechform1006
OctetSubscriber cenerentola2587
Mini DuelSubscriber Habatake1528
QuintetsSubscriber cenerentola2587
TOD Crazy Skulls 4 2017Subscriber jmwinrider1364
TOD Weekly 2 2017Subscriber peter wilton1427
POPEYE: JAENISCH I'M A COWBOY?Subscriber aranya101210
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber Alfie Beamish1817
OctetSubscriber Aki J1207
2017 March quick tourney 4Subscriber Timzsn1172
OctetSubscriber Jayhawk341602
OctetSubscriber 64squaresofpain1926
QuartetsSubscriber Kratic1720
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber suicidebishop1300
OctetSubscriber alfdaly1862
Mini DuelSubscriber acanthus1254
OctetSubscriber Aino1230
OctetSubscriber happybvr1460
Hardcore GrandStandard member vandervelde2110
Sprint QuartetsSubscriber ScottishGeek1776
OctetSubscriber falkowski1298
Mini DuelSubscriber bvinci2287
Hardcore GrandSubscriber daromott1878
Mini DuelSubscriber Jersey Bob1457
Popeye: Banded OctetsSubscriber Greg Williams1382
Two Knights Defense Banded OctetSubscriber tramper1628
Friday Fish FryStandard member vandervelde2110
Hardcore GrandSubscriber jankrb2048
Muti open fast octetSubscriber sbacat2330
Hardcore GrandSubscriber Blanca1700

Public Tournaments won - top 30 players.

NameRatingTournaments won
Standard member caissad42381201
Subscriber Aspasia2021150
Subscriber cenerentola2587127
Standard member adim1781117
Standard member atticus22217108
Standard member mihai52236891
Standard member Mctayto82090
Standard member Georgie P138289
Subscriber lastpawnstanding129389
Donation peterh162574
Subscriber oldman55175866
Subscriber jankrb204861
Donation Quirine202756
Standard member PA82244154
Standard member phani27159753
Standard member ItsYouThatIAdore166052
Subscriber Swiss Toni210051
Subscriber AttilaTheHorn175450
Standard member PAWN RIOT227550
Standard member jamjamjoe178549
Standard member zawinul189648
Subscriber Blanca170048
Subscriber NN Cheap212046
Standard member kes29189646
Subscriber caoimho127046
Standard member vandervelde211045
Standard member markingfox224345
Standard member RookGrabber122445
Standard member kingshill230643
Subscriber gundel216141